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There’s no two ways about it. Your business needs to stand out from your closest competitors in the sector. It’s no good simply promoting the best product or service out there if the images don’t visually compliment your market-leading status. What good is a strong USP, without the very best quality photographic evidence to help justify claims.

Which is precisely where we come into sharp focus.

To provide your business with detail-conscious, readily interactive images which graphically expand on what your product or service is all about. And moreover, allow visitors to your website to engage with these items from all key perspectives at the swipe of a screen.

Think about it.

Just how many times have you browsed websites which fail to lend both visual clarity and manoeuvrability in the arena of image navigation and manipulation. Irrespective of how impressive (or recommended) an item is, in this technologically advanced age potential customers demand to get more up close and personal with images than ever before.

And so they should.

Which means that pretty much every illustrative facet will be under the microscope when would-be customers are running the rule over your product or service; and subsequently making the inevitable comparisons with your nearest rivals.

Which is why you need us.

So ensuring that you maintain your position as the ‘go to’ company for what you specialise in, we dedicate our business to furthering yours; courtesy of our widely-regarded product retouching service. From recognized high street names/multinationals to the local entrepreneurial start-up, we’re approached by businesses large and small to resolve either their web or brochure image issues.

We welcome and encompass all aspects of photo retouching for any number of companies representing a range of diverse sectors. Our portfolio includes the e-commerce likes of food, fashion, furniture, electronics, automotive, jewellery and machinery to name just a few areas of expertise. Casting light on how we visually orchestrate the results by which we’ve gained acknowledgement, and we’re referring to everything from object elimination/removal, shadow adding, alignment and clipping and cut-out through to colour adjust and/or swap, masks, sharpening, paths and alignment and cropping of images.

Business Product Photo Retouching That Gets You Noticed

Background removal (and shadow introducing) aside, we are well versed in numerous methods of product photo retouching for businesses, among which we typically offer the following specialised services aimed directly at e-commerce photography. All serving a substantial portfolio of sectors, including; food, electronics, automotive, fashion, jewellery, furniture and machinery.

  • Alignment
  • Clipping/cropping
  • Cut-out
  • Colour adjust
  • Colour swap
  • Masks
  • Sharpening
  • Paths and alignment