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Image is everything, there’s no denying that. And as the age of the selfie gathers momentum, increasing numbers of us are fastidiously poring over the way in which we’re projected. Not just in a social media context, but in the connected world generally. While once upon a time traditional 2D photo albums would capture the essence of us (irreversibly so for the most part), today the 3D versions of ourselves are readily open to much greater layers of visual interpretation.

Which enforces both positive and negative attitudes in certain ways

Which enforces both positive and negative attitudes in certain ways. Negative, in as much as the advent of high definition means there’s nowhere to hide when we’re experiencing more than just a bad hair day, yet conversely positive; as we now have the virtual means by which to quickly amend those all-important images of ourselves that we place in the public arena. And we’re not talking about the latest smartphone app which supposedly filters you to within an inch of the face/body beautiful. Only they don’t.

We however, can help you achieve near perfection when it comes to the way you wish to be seen by your family, friends, work colleagues and a wider audience. Whether it’s removing those unsightly dark shadows from beneath your eyes (or that old favourite, red eye), reshaping an aspect of your nose you’ve always been paranoid about or making your teeth appear a shade or two whiter; we can retouch your photos according to your requests. Effecting often simple amendments which ultimately make for a happier, more confident you.

Which of course, is priceless.

Apart from general beauty retouching purposes (think social media profile pics, passport photos, dating website bios, etc), typical circumstances in which you might want to alter people’s perceptions of you (or those closest to you) tend to include various every day scenarios. The editing of family holiday photos being one common example, photo restoration of old pictures which have not weathered well with the passage of time being another popular query. And then of course there’s arguably the most requested personal photo retouching area, namely weddings.

For our part, we absolutely love making clients happy by performing whatever beauty editing task they approach us with. Which almost puts us on par with Hollywood and, well, dentists for putting a smile on people’s faces.