Let us Create a Corporate Christmas Card Design for You!

Calling all businesses! Have you never imagined how a professional photo retouching company could transform your festive image by way of having them (for ‘them’ read ‘us’) create a corporate Christmas card design for you?

Well if not, now’s the time to think again.

You know the script.

All year round you’ve had to keep a corporate lid on your excited inner child in the name of keeping up business appearances. Towing the LinkedIn line and generally projecting the sort of commercial image and ethos which keeps you one step ahead of the corporate competition. In whatever sector you choose to successfully go about your business.

However Christmas is now on the distant/hopefully snowy horizon. And that means everyone is entitled to relax a little and reconnect with their more playful side. And yes. That includes all you corporate movers and shakers and captains of industry out there.

C’mon now. Do we REALLY have to remind you of the tale of Scrooge and a Christmas Carol?

We thought not.

Christmas is the one time of year we can all afford to let our (collective) hair down and look forward to partying like it’s 1999. Again. Bearing in mind we’ve got to fast forward 20 years, obviously. ‘Partying’ and not ‘parting’ too, just to clarify.

And of course one of the most tried and tested ways of spreading a bit of festive cheer and goodwill towards all men, women and most importantly at this time of year, clients; is to send them a corporate Christmas card design.

But not just ANY Yuletide-themed stationary offering, but rather a personalised company Christmas card.

Or as we’re keen to refer to it as hereabouts, a corporate Christmas card design. The type that will resonate with your clients and make even the hardest-nosed business types a bit squidgy on the insides.

Perhaps make them chuckle to themselves. Maybe trigger the shedding of a seasonal tear if the subject matter is heartfelt and not humourous.

Whether the recipient laughs, cries, is shocked or simply smiles and senses a warm, fuzzy feeling growing inside of them, eliciting an emotion from someone you’ve conducted business with this past 12 months is what it’s all about come this time of year. And what better way to achieve this very human notion (and subsequent deed), than to create a bespoke corporate Christmas card design.

One that will strike a chord when opened by your client and remind everyone else of what Noddy Holder steadfastly reminds us to this very day. That “It’s Christmas!!”

OK. That’s what you want to happen. But what you DON’T want to happen is this.

What you don’t want to do/happen/transpire however is to venture down the predictable route. And opt for one of numerous animal name-inspired personalised greetings card websites who make a seasonal habit of trying to tempt the unwary into parting company with their hard earned in exchange for a glossy uploaded Christmas card depicting the management team looking altogether sheepish beneath a collection of superimposed santa hats.

Nobody wants or needs that in their lives.

Yes pigeons and pigs, we’re looking at you. There’s no escaping the fact that some of these concepts are more awkward than the direct aftermath of the office Christmas party.

Instead you need to be thinking outside of the box.

And of companies who imagine and craft something a little more, well, personal to you. An individual corporate Christmas card design which captures the zeitgist of the message you want to promote this year. And one that is, (photo) graphically, as far removed from the HR department dressed as elves as can be. Unless that is, your brief instructs us to create just that image. And if so, then that’s perfectly fine by us. As the client is ALWAYS right.

And yes. We will imagine you with reindeer antlers atop your head (maybe a teensy bit reluctantly), if that’s what you brief us to do.

Corporate Christmas Card Designs needn't be predictable and boring. Instead use a Digital Photo Retouching Service to Create Something Memorable.

Anyway. Here’s what else we can do for you.

Being past masters (but as well as Christmasses bygone, we’re resolutely present and future-focused) of corporate Christmas card design we are very adept at picturing management and employees in all manner of seasonally-adjusted scenarios. Which can then be transferred onto a Christmas card and posted out to the ones you’ve loved reaching out to during 2019.

Themes can be anything you desire them to be. From witty, zany and (tastefully) religious through to traditional, creative or thought-provoking.

And we don’t just remove backgrounds and imagine staff on new/alternative snow-encrusted ones either. We’re equally at home manifesting more illustratively-led visuals to cards, where ‘Beryl from accounts’ doesn’t even get a photographic look in, if that’s what you want.

Take a recent corporate Christmas card design request for example. When one client asked us to photographically superimpose a Christmas tree in front of a frozen lake. Think very Nordic/Northern Lights-esque. Which turned out incredibly arty/moody, as you might imagine it would.

That’s correct. We’ll do (almost) anything for the love of a corporate Christmas card design. But we won’t do that (plural)

Basically, whatever you want us to do, we’ll do for you.

The only difference being, our photographic interpretations of your ideal/envisaged corporate christmas card design will be absolutely flawless. As we’re not in the business of creating a job lot of pseudo-Christmas card templates. But we ARE in the business of seamlessly juxtapositioning an image of you (and/or your employees) within any festively appropriate scene you see fit. Providing it’s not something that demands PG certification, nor perceived as blasphemous in any way.

It’s fair to say that pretty much anything nativity-based is probably off limits on the grounds of decency. Same rule applies if in your mind’s eye you see four of your best precision engineers dressed in oversized white parkas and recreating East 17’s iconic ‘Stay Another Day’ Christmas Number 1 music video from approximately 1994.

Only joking.

However if you request that we photographically drop key members of the company’s bid team into the video for ‘Christmas in Blobbyland’ by Mr Blobby, then the odds are we’ll draw the line roughly about there.

All we want this Christmas is you. Well, your photographic likeness

Not in person, we hasten to add. But in photographic form. So that we can then sprinkle our very own digital image retouching fairy dust over Derek the lab technician and set about placing him in a still frame from the movie, ‘Love, Actually’*.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you create a corporate Christmas card design for your business which will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Unshakeable, if it centres around Malcolm from the buying team being reimagined as a be-permed David Essex in a ‘Winter’s Tale’.

*other Christmas movies and/or pop videos are acceptable

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