beauty photo retouching

Trusted professional beauty photo retouching services, digitally applying image editing techniques to skin smoothing, blemish removal, body enhancing (including slimming) and portrait requests.

Beauty might well be in the eye of the beholder, but don’t think for one minute that we’re not sometimes our own fiercest critics when we stare into the mirror. And when we’re beholding on a bad day, we need all the help we can get to restore our body confidence.

While it’s not our place to say that you look beautiful irrespective (but let’s not forget, we ALL do), it is our place to help you fall back in love with your bad hair day self. Or post-wedding photos blues self. Or whatever situation has made you feel self-conscious to the point you seek out the sympathetic eye (if not ear) of a digital beauty retouching services provider like us.

Let us be your beauty photo retouching services counsel….

And if anyone can help you reconnect with the aesthetic that makes you, YOU, then we can; having constructed an enviable reputation in the digital beauty image enhancing field for the quality of our beauty photo retouching service. And the subtle approach to the task in hand that we habitually display. And that’s because we know only too well that it’s more often than not a fine line between looking flawless, yet retaining a real complexion and avoiding looking airbrushed, when it comes to beauty photo retouching services.

By drawing on our many years’ experience of digitally photo retouched ‘skin work’ we address the issue of beauty image editing with an exacting eye for detailing, yet never at the risk of losing a tangible sense of texture and feel. After all, preserving natural flesh tones ensures that the impact of the enhanced imagery is resolutely authentic, as well as resolving the issues raised by the customer in their brief.

Here’s an outline of the core areas we cover, in terms of beauty photo retouching and digital image editing manipulation; to give you a greater appreciation of what we can do for you.

From removing skin blemishes, correcting double chins, aligning crooked noses, smoothing wrinkles, fixing messy hair and masking acne to lifting breasts, straightening rounded backs and shoulders, adjusting hair colours, removing cellulite and affording you a tummy tuck, consider our range of beauty photo retouching services as you would that what a cosmetic surgeon would deliver; yet at the fraction of Harley Street prices.

We don’t just concentrate on colour hues and saturations though, as we have worked on many monochrome briefs for customers in the past. And we certainly don’t fall into the image trap of wrongly believing that by simply ‘desaturating’ a colour photo to transform it to black and white will result in a visually arresting piece, full stop. What it will do, historically, is render the overall look ‘flat’. Experience has told us that when converting an existing photograph to monochrome you need to amend the shadows and highlights (primary light and dark areas) which in turn will positively affect both the depth and clarity; affording the finished black and white piece the ‘wow factor’ sought by the customer.

Also bear in mind that typically photo beauty retouching extends beyond the more obvious subject areas as cited above (face, hair and make-up primarily) and can cover other aspects such as bulging veins on hands, bra lines and dark marks to name just a few lesser known beauty photo retouching requests we’ve answered before now.

retouching slimming

We think in 3D.

As odd as that may sound, it’s true.

As well as considering the vital role natural light and superficial illumination plays in digital beauty photo retouching techniques, we’re always mindful of how and where shadows should fall in the finished article. Be it cosmetic details on an individual’s face or a limb, attention is paid to the when and where shadows should appear; together with keeping a weather eye on any noticeable separation between the subject and the background. As a matter of course, we always keep referencing the original photograph, to ensure that the appropriate degrees of depth have been added or subtracted to retain the three-dimensional appearance.