beauty photo retouching for business

Beauty photo retouching for business services, successfully completing fashion, cosmetics and publishing industry briefs, together with on-going freelance photographers requests.

Beauty photo retouching for business services covers a few different areas (which we’ll explain below), yet differs from product image editing in as much as it rarely involves either removing certain elements from a photo, or conversely, adding those that weren’t in the original. Instead business-targeting beauty photo retouching centres on enhancing facets of an image which already exist and need to remain present. The client usually requested that a certain aspect of the image requires digitally enhancing so as to improve the overall look and feel of the composition per se.

Perfecting the Picture Perfect

Beauty Photo Retouching - skin smoothing

In terms of subject matter this tends to be more in relation to individuals, be they professional models or simply individuals with a desire to subtly alter a particular element of their appearance within the confines of a photo. This can cover anything from eradicating that all-too familiar red eye, removing dark shadows usually found under the eyes and/or fine red veins (as discovered in the white of the subjects eyes), through to sympathetically correcting what the client has observed as windswept hair; or the presence of what they themselves perceive to be an imperfect nose.

The chances are the client has asked us to make skin blemishes (or fine lines and wrinkles) seemingly vanish, or perhaps making a face look more symmetrical than it actually is in a portrait shot, courtesy of our bespoke beauty photo retouching service for businesses. The key to creating a believable amend is to ensure that we even out the skin without compromising the texture; so as to avoid making the finished image appear airbrushed.

Beauty Photo Retouching for Business Services Practices

Without giving too many tricks of the trade away, one of our favourite digital photo editing tools (along with blurring brushes, colour replacement and clone stamps) is ‘dodge and burn’; which essentially allows us to correct tones together with enhancing highlights, shadows and form and fixing any general unevenness. Both on skin and hair. This technique and practice can also be performed in the arena of cosmetics or jewellery retouching. Fashion is another recurrent area that we receive briefs for, the remit being to adjust a specific area on a garment.

Amongst the various requests the team receives, colour swaps is a prominent repeat brief. And therefore a core area in which we specialise. To the uninitiated colour swaps is simply the art of transposing one background (or element of foreground/product) colour with another. And whether we’re digitally editing product photography or a portrait image for business against a solid backdrop, it’s easier than ever to replace the colour of the existing backdrop with whatever hue determined by the client.

Main Corporate Beauty Photo Retouching Sectors

The main sectors we implement colour swaps for is fashion, jewellery and furniture. As an example we may be asked to recreate the exact likeness of a dress (of which the original colour is red) in a host of other colours, for a catalogue client, let’s say. As this approach is both a time and money-saving option for a fashion client, when considering the alternative reshoots. Colour swapping affords a rapid and visually seamless photographic transformation then and there. 

So, in a sentence, corporate beauty photo retouching for business clients typically concentrates on refining details and ultimately presenting a better overall image.