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Let’s Chat About Digital Touch’s World, Via Our Exciting New Digital Talk Blog

If you’re a fan of light-hearted, often irreverent – yet always insightful – blog reads that openly embrace the wonderfully eclectic world of creativity, then don’t forget to check out our newly launched weekly blog section. Entitled ‘Digital Talk Blog’, this recently rolled-out feature will include opinion pieces, news-worthy stories, reviews and the sharing of all sorts of bitesize stuff of interest to anyone of a visual persuasion.

All of which will be in some way closely associated with (or keenly related to) the photo retouching industry. Well, that’s the general idea.

Brand New Digital Talk Blog Welcomes Experienced Blog Editor

On which note, the team here at Digital Touch are excited to announce that we’ve also acquired the services of our new resident DT Blog Editor, Chris Barker. Who, over the coming weeks and months will be responsible for originating an on-going series of readily accessible pieces/irreverent reads specifically for the brand new Digital Talk blog.

A man of many (well crafted) words, Chris’ unique take on the new Digital Talk blog will touch on a range of relatable human interest topics from hereon in, inspired by a collection of thought-provoking, amusing, information-led and very possibly, educational blog entries.

So why not start familiarising yourself with Chris and his Digital Talk Blog today….

    IN MEMORIAM: HRH Queen Elizabeth II – Private Insights Into A Very Public Life

    As the nation, and indeed, the world, mourns the loss of our longest-reigning Monarch, DT provides a rare pictorial glimpse of HRH Queen Elizabeth II at rest and play. And a distance from the duty and service which marked our Queen’s tenure on the throne for over seven decades….read on

    Platinum Portraits – The Most Iconic Images Of Queen Elizabeth II

    As the nation helps HRH Queen Elizabeth II celebrate an astonishing seven decades on the throne serving her subjects, Digital Touch takes a memory-jogging look back. At seven of the most evocative images of our record-breaking monarch. From officially commissioned portraits. To impromptu snapshots. To hologrammatic pieces…read on

    In too Deepfake: DIgital Image Editing That Skews Our Sense Of Reality

    SEO principles notwithstanding, did you know that there are other creatives operating in alternative visual mediums who are seemingly reinventing images entirely. Or rather, twisting the reality of what otherwise appears to be an authentic image.
    A moving one, in this case..…read on

    Appreciating Women Isn’t Just A March Celebration

    March is a month where women are rightly celebrated. More especially around the second week annually. A time and a (anywhere) place neatly bookended by the presence of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day….read on

    How Do You Make Your Wedding Lockdown Photos Look More Professional?

    Here at Digital Touch we’ve recently experienced a significant influx of enquiries by new customers. A high percentage wanting us to answer the following question. Just how do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional?….read on

    Lockdown Art: 10 Masterpieces Created While Artists Were in Isolation

    Lockdown art very much gained momentum during 2020, with many of us trying our hand at more creative and crafty pursuits, as a mindful and spiritual disconnect. Here we find that both you and DT were in great company….read on

    Digital Image Editing: The Original Try Before You Buy Concept

    DT is in the business of replacing needless shopping with the equally persuasive retail art of Photoshopping. Find out just how we can transform your ideas into subsequent reality further down the line….read on

    Lockdown Life 2.0 Gives Rise to Digital Photo Restoration Reset

    DT has witnessed a near crescendo of interest in clients seeking us out to provide digital photo restoration solutions. Images of yore. Familiar times gone by. The ‘old’ normal….read on

    How Digital Transformation of Past Horrors Paints More Relatable Images for a Modern World

    Some images have the power to both move and challenge us more than we ever imagine a photograph could. Emotionally painful, yet needing to exist as a visual conduit to shameful passages in history….read on

    Latest UK Covid Wedding News

    DT gives you the lowdown on the latest revisions to the existing Covid-19 wedding numbers game, newly-implemented this September….read on

    Hats Off To One of UK’s Best Graduation Photo Editing Services

    It’s universally regarded as one of the most important milestones of our younger lives. Along with prom night, passing our driving test, turning 18 and being able to cast votes in something other than Saturday night TV talent shows. So it stands to reason that as an accepted rites of passage event we’d want to photographically commemorate the occasion of graduating from higher education….read on

    Product Photo Background Removal Experts Make Amazon All White, So You Don’t Have To!

    Sometimes the only coloured background which will highlight the focal point of your photo, is a white one. It’s an inescapable truth. And as one of the UK’s leading product photo background removal editing experts, now DT reveals how we can help you to give your all-important image the maximum visual impact….read on

    A – Z of Pandemic-proof Wedding Protocols

    Just like Wet Wet Wet constantly reminded us it was throughout the summer of 1994; love is STILL all around. We just have to remember that so is Covid-19 in the summer of 2020. So therefore need to take all the necessary precautions….read on

    Wedding Photo Correction Services Choose Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues

    From barns and beaches to castles and cliff tops, brides and grooms are spoilt for choice when it comes to locating that somewhere ‘a little bit out of the ordinary’ for their wedding day here in the UK. DT looks into 10 of the very best alternative wedding venues….read on

    New Study Reveals Why Wedding Photographer’s Should Collaborate With A Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service

    As latest survey lifts lid on fact wedding photographers spend just 4% of their work time capturing wedding pics (while photo editing their own work accounts for staggering 55% of each job), DT asks why? As in, why don’t you get in touch with US?!….read on

    Weddings Return This Summer, As Wedding Photo Editing Might In Future Focus More on Face Mask Removal Requests

    From Gretna Green to Las Vegas (and everything slightly more orthodox in-between), wedding plans covering all degrees of personal taste have taken something of a hit in 2020 thus far. But not for much longer, as lockdown-emerging measures sees face mask-wearing weddings bouncing back in style this summer….read on

    Image Editing Photoshop Artists Reimagine Political Heavyweights in Famous Paintings

    C’mon. Just who hasn’t momentarily imagined how Narcicist-in-Chief, Donald Trump might look cast as the compositional lead in Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’. Or for that matter, fleetingly visualised our very own Bumbling BoJo as one of Dali’s melting clocks….read on

    Worst Coronavirus Fake News Images

    You might be forgiven for believing that there’s been more fake news images circulating than real, tangible news for the past couple of years. You wouldn’t be necessarily wrong, either….read on

    Digital Image Retouching Specialists Approve of Lockdown-era Re-creation of Iconic Works of Art

    Famous art gallery invites self-isolating creative types to re-imagine familiar compositions. With the help of household objects, people and/or pets if deemed necessary to illustrative cause….read on

    Coronavirus Lockdown Gives Rise to Making Reconnections With Our Photographic Histories

    You don’t need us to tell you, but one of the best conduits we have to our past – be it the more immediate one or that which we feel compelled to revisit right now – is the hitherto situated within the very fabric of the visual. By that, we mean the photograph….read on

    Digitally Scanning Photos for Business or Personal Reasons

    Old photos sadly don’t last forever. Unlike the memories which are originally captured at source. Cemented within the mind’s eye for future visual recall. Images will inevitably fade with the passage of time. However digitally scanning photos offers an enduring solution….read on

    Leading Digital Wedding Photo Retouching Services Provider Reveals Most Common Wedding Photo Fail

    Occasionally wedding photographers unintentionally forget to juxtapose a much-loved someone from the wedding party in close viccinity to the bride and groom in the ‘money shot’. Which is the bit where digital wedding photo retouching services types like us enter the fray….read on

    What You/We (Including Those Responsible for Digitally Retouching Photos for a Living) Can and Cannot Photograph

    When we’re not busying ourselves digitally retouching photos for both business and personal clients, some of our core team can be found out in the field taking snaps of pretty much anything and everything….read on

    Why Having A Female Touch in the Digital Image Editing Services Sector Gives You More Clout

    It’s man’s world, James Brown once famously sang. Only now, mercifully, it’s a lot more of a women’s one too. Including those plying their trade in the digital image editing services industries. As well it should be….read on

    Biocentrics: How Digital Photo Retouching Experts Interpret What We See

    After the somewhat lethargic Christmas break, we thought we’d ease you gently into 2020 with a whimsical and undemanding blog read about biocentrism….read on

    Digital Image Enhancing Experts Transform Visual Quality of Iconic ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham!

    Don’t sit/stand there and try telling DT that you’ve never wanted to see the late, great George Michael’s luxurious – if not subtly highlighted and slightly snow-dampened – 80s mullet digitally remastered during any part of the past three decades or so?!….read on

    8 Image Editing Experts Apps from the 80s: How We Photoshopped Before Photoshop

    Kids of today don’t realise they’re born. When DT’s team of image editing experts were knee-high to a grasshopper (and wrestling them for exclusive rights to local trees), computers only existed in the science fiction movies we watched at places our parents referred to as picture houses. And these computers were typically the size of small countries and were all called Hal….read on

    Why Photographers Need Digital Photo Retouching Artists as Much as We Need Them

    It’s true, you know. The ‘you scrub my back, I’ll scrub yours’ (professional) relationships/mentality actively encouraged between lensmasters (photographers) and image editing wizards (digital photo retouching artists) really is a ‘thing’ ….read on

    Personalised Family Pet Christmas Card Design

    Persian cats draped in tinsel/Christmas fairy lights. Lurchers made to don pretend reindeer antlers because their owners think it looks vaguely amusing. Yup, there’s no use denying their existence. We’ve all seen them and can never unsee the horrific ones, more’s the pity. Personalised Family Pet Christmas Cards….read on

    Everything’s Gonna Be All White This Christmas: As We Are Amazon Photo Background Removal Experts

    Last Christmas, we gave you our art. But the very next day you gave it away (admittedly, to your customers). The product you specialise in, that is. The one we worked on religiously for you in the guise of digital photo background removal experts. And as you’d briefed us to do….read on

    Let us Create a Corporate Christmas Card Design for You!

    Calling all businesses! Have you never imagined how a professional photo retouching company could transform your festive image by way of having them/us create a corporate Christmas card design for you? …read on

    Kim and Kanye West Depicted as Grant Wood's American Gothic Couple.

    Photo Retouching Artists Capture Very Essence of Celebrities Via Medium of Renaissance Art

    What’s that, you want celebrities AND Renaissance art in the same blog? Well then, you best pull up a pew, as our very latest virtual scriblings comprise both. Courtesy of the creative endeavours of a gaggle of photo retouching artists like us. But NOT us. Not yet, anyway. Not until next year …read on

    New Photoshop Camera App announced this week, sounds like a very big deal.

    Will New Photoshop Camera App Signal Death Knell for Professional Photo Retouching Artists?

    So, our good friend, Adobe has just announced it’s launching a dedicated photo retouching app for smartphones called the new Photoshop Camera app. It’s not actually prefixed with the word ‘new’. We’ve just added that for good SEO measure, obvs …read on

    Firework photos can benefit from our digital photo retouching practices.

    How to Take Pics of Pyrotechnics Which Look like They’ve Received Firework Photo Retouching Services Treatment

    But remember, remember. If you don’t manage to pull it off, we can save your blushes by lending our Firework Photo Retouching Services skills to the suspect images …read on

    Ghostly goings on and state-of-the-art software collided in Pacman

    Halloween Photoshop Tricks & Treats, Worked to Gruesome Effect by Professional Image Enhancers

    As the night of the undead/highlight of the spooktacular calendar homes into view, we take a look at some of the most popular Halloween photo retouching effects dabbled in (on your behalf) by professional image enhancers …read on

    Review Site Recommended Digital Photo Retouching Services

    Reviews: Where Would We* Be Without Them

    We rely on them to give us an honest heads up and appraisal of something (and everything) we’re considering watching, eating, driving, wearing, listening to, playing with (from a gadget perspective) experiencing, holidaying at and ultimately spending our ‘hard earned’ on. And the world of digital photo retouching services is no different …read on

    First recognised photographic retouching example of an iconic nature

    Who First Retouched a Photo? And Ergo Invented What Became Digital Image Editing

    A very good, if not wordy, question worthy of consideration in this latest photo retouching blog. So we duly did …read on

    Digitally image edited version of 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'

    7 Works of Art Which Have Been Digitally Image Edited Repeatedly in Name of Popular Culture

    Art supposedly imitates life, so it stands to reason that every once in a while life should get a chance to turn the tables on art, right? …read on

    Removing People From Digital Photo Retouching Briefs, With a Sensitive Nature

    When Being a Digital Photo Retoucher Demands The Most Human of Touches

    What personal qualities do you need to become a digital photo retoucher? You’ll be surprised, but we get asked this question a lot …read on

    Wedding photo retoucher imagines late fiance in bride's wedding photos

    Incredible Wedding Photo Retouching Services Sees Late Fiance Appear in Bride’s Wedding Shots

    Wedding photo retouching services have the power to transform the way a bride looks. Not just that. But equally how they feel on their most important day. That much we do know here at Digital Touch …read on

    Product Photo Retouching Tricks: The White and Wrong (Backgrounds)

    We’re big fans of white backgrounds, you can tell straight away simply by taking a look around our product photo retouching pages. Where you’ll immediately share our vision(s) in white …read on

    Google 21st birthday, digital photo retouching services

    Digital Photo Retouching services Raise SEO-filled Glass As Google Turns 21 (but not neccesarily toasting Google)

    Like any business operating in cyberspace, digital image editing services like ours rely on (ever-changing) SEO best practices and protocol to thrive. For digital photo retouching services, it can be tantamount to our online lifeblood …read on

    What WAS the First Photoshopped Image?

    Very good question. And one for Quora, under any other circumstances. Have you any idea what/who the subject of the first Photoshopped image was? (clue: it wasn’t a Kardashian) …read on

    Social media influencer stirs up cloud-based app storm on Instagram

    Suspicious Background Photo Digital Retouching Job Lands Social Media Influencer New Job

    ‘Social media influencer recreates same cloud formation repeatedly on Instagram posts, by way of suspect background photo digital retouching. Gets recruited by cloud-making app creator and subsequently gains thousands more followers as reward for duplicity.’ …read on

    Victorian Family Group Photo

    Family Photos Timeline

    Once upon a time, many years ago in a provincial bus station where people would wait for a National Express coach to Sunderland (other destinations were/are available), there inevitably existed a photobooth …read on

    Digital Artist

    A – Z of Photo Retouching Terms

    If it’s the latter, then prepare your brain to embrace seeming gobbledygook and peculiar words which sound as purely fictitious as superkalafragalisticexpicalidocious …read on

    For Sale Board

    Property Photo Enhancing

    Photo enhancing can impact positively on many areas of modern day life, and visual evidence to support this claim doesn’t take much seeking out …read on

    Original Adobe Photoshop Licence Graphic While Loading Software

    Photoshop: A Potted History of

    Pretty much everyone knows the story of how Facebook came to be (clue, Mark Zuckerberg, 2 rowing-obsessed brothers, etc) …read on

    Retro Photograph Retouching Poster

    Old School Retouching

    If you thought the concise and learned art of digital image retouching might seem pretty laborious today, then just wait until you learn how time-consuming the process of enhancing visuals were some 70 years ago …read on

    Jilly Jackson

    Q&A Sesh with DT’S MD, JJ

    We launch our new blog by doing Q&A sesh with DT’S MD, JJ. Which, reverting to plain English, is a question and answer session with our Managing Director, Jilly Jackson …read on