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Let’s Chat About Digital Touch’s World, Via Our Exciting New Digital Talk Blog

If you’re a fan of light-hearted, often irreverent – yet always insightful – blog reads, then don’t forget to check out our newly launched weekly blog section. Entitled ‘Digital Talk Blog’, this newly rolled-out feature will include opinion pieces, news-worthy stories and general reviews.

All of which will be in some way closely associated with (or keenly related to) the photo retouching industry.

Brand New Digital Talk Blog Welcomes Experienced Blog Editor

On which note, the team here at Digital Touch are excited to announce that we’ve also acquired the services of our new resident DT Blog Editor, Chris Barker. Who, over the coming weeks and months will be responsible for sharing an on-going series of readily accessible pieces/irreverent reads specifically for the brand new Digital Talk blog.

A man of many (well crafted) words, Chris’ unique take on the new Digital Talk blog will touch on a range of relatable human interest topics from hereon in, inspired by a collection of thought-provoking, amusing, information-led and very possibly, educational blogs entries.

So why not start familiarising yourself with Chris and his Digital Talk Blog today…

Victorian Family Group Photo


Once upon a time, many years ago in a provincial bus station where people would wait for a National Express coach to Sunderland (other destinations were/are available), there inevitably existed a photobooth. Located somewhere in a draughty corner, close to the tobacconists booth. Booths were very big back then you see; despite being physically very small. Yet few things were more compact than your average photobooth. Even portaloos were more accomodating. But what you couldn’t get in a portaloo was a reel of 4 or 5 snapshots focusing explicitly on the top of your head, set against a non-descript red curtain. Or a blindingly light white backdrop, if you wished to look like someone who was having an ‘out of body’ experience at the time of photographic reckoning …read on

Digital Artist


If it’s the latter, then prepare your brain to embrace seeming gobbledygook and peculiar words which sound as purely fictitious as superkalafragalisticexpicalidocious. Bear with us on this though, as we’re duty-bound to make some semblence of meaning out for it for you. And explain in Layman’s Terms just what, for example, a ‘clone tool‘ is all about in the digital photo editing sphere …read on

For Sale Board


Photo enhancing can impact positively on many areas of modern day life, and visual evidence to support this claim doesn’t take much seeking out. From the further beautification of already radiant brides post-wedding, to restoring an old family photo to recapture the exact likeness of someone dearly departed. But were you aware that photo enhancing is making impressive strides in the property market? To the point that the potential difference between a quick sale and a house which fails to generate much interest (and subsequent buyer footfall) can be down to the quality of the photographs …read on

Original Adobe Photoshop Licence Graphic While Loading Software


Pretty much everyone knows the story of how Facebook came to be (clue, Mark Zuckerberg, 2 rowing-obsessed brothers, etc). Or for that matter, how Steve Jobs reversed Apple’s fortunes. And how Jeff Bezos became the richest man on the planet after taking Amazon into the stratosphere. Or how Stanford alumni, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google. But just how many of you are familiar with how another child of modern times came kicking and screaming into this (tech-embracing) world in which we all work, rest and play. Namely, that bastion of all things image retouching, Photoshop …read on

Retro Photograph Retouching Poster


If you thought the concise and learned art of digital image retouching might seem pretty laborious today, in terms of how long it perceivably takes to transform photographs (and yes, by many accounts; image manipulators do like to milk it on occasion), then just wait until you learn how time-consuming the process of enhancing visuals were some seventy years ago …read on

Jilly Jackson


Although we’re normally all about the visual, we thought the time was prudent to jump aboard a more word-y bandwagon as we launch our brand new Digital Talk blog. With this very much in mind we therefore give you this; our Q&A sesh with DT’S MD, JJ. Which, reverting to plain English, is a question and answer session with our Managing Director, Jilly Jackson …read on