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Digitally enhanced wedding photo retouching services, specialising in background/object removal


  • Removing/Adding People
  • Changing Background
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Slimming
  • Removing Objects

…and so much more!!!

Universally regarded as the ‘best day of your life’. Save for the day your newborn entered this world, yet pipping your graduation, the time you landed your dream job, passed your driving test and/or watched your football team win the league.

But it’s only ever after the event (of the year) that the truth unfolds.

When the bride and groom are granted ‘access all areas’ to the digital stills from the wedding, and excitedly flick through the virtual document to revisit their special day. And there it is; in full technicolour. Either the blushing bride appearing a little too crimson of cheek. Or the father of the groom’s corsage all over the shop.

Or worse than that. A key member of the wedding party the photographer was asked to include prominently in a family (or individual group) arrangement, conspicuously absent from the money shot.

So what options are available to you to pictorially rectify such issues, courtesy of wedding photo retouching services ?

We know only too well that on occasion some shots can be missed. Not making themselves obvious until after the event. But, and as luck would have it, there are a few ways in which the aforementioned – and to you, glaring – photographic issues can be rectified. By way of family or friends being digitally edited in (or out) of wedding images.

Face-saving resolutions of which are offered by us, and spearheaded by our very own in-house wedding photo senior retouching specialist, Jilly Jackson. Someone who is spoken of as akin to a ‘Wedding Photo Rescuer’ in these parts. Primarily to the many relieved brides who have sent out an image retouching SOS to Jilly (and her team) over the years. Desperate to reverse the pictorial damage as they see it.

Correcting Wedding Photo Faux Pas, Courtesy of Our Digital Image Editing Techniques

Digitally manipulated wedding photos aren’t all about straightening windswept hair. Nor do they tirelessly focus on correcting wonky corsages. Or subtly image editing a wedding guest in or out of the pictures. Nor are they merely about smoothing skin, whitening teeth, removing red eye. Although we’ve got favourable history in all these disciplines too. Or remedying wedding day make-up that didn’t stand the test of time.

No. Another area which accounts for a significant percentage of our wedding enquiries is that of slimming.

And this is understandable.

You’ve dedicated the past 6 months leading up to your big day hitting the gym around the clock and counting the calories. Neither the bride nor the groom would then expect to observe a camera angle-misleading curve here, or unfortunate light-blaming protrusion there. It stands to reason.

Yet despite the best intentions of photographers, wedding photos are influenced by timing, angles and light; fact.

Get this wrong and any bride will feel disappointed.

However should clients believe that their wedding photos aren’t a true representation of themselves, then we can adopt numerous digital wedding image editing techniques to improve the picture. Even relatively straight-forward practices. Adjusting posture can make a vast difference between being self-conscious and owning the shot. And DT can rectify any picture which you send to us, where you think your disposition is unnatural or unflattering.

And in case that wasn’t enough, here’s a quick summary of what else we can do to avoid post-wedding photo meltdown scenarios:

Remove Creases/Straighten Dress – It’s more common that you might think. We’re always being asked to remove the creases from wedding dresses as they crumple easy and are not always displayed well for the photographs. And it’s not solely the premise of brides.

We’re certainly no strangers to receiving retouching requests from grooms too. Reaching out to us to fasten buttons, straighten creases on their suits and tuxedos, and correcting the position of the corsage or boutonnière.

And That’s Just The Top Tier of the Wedding Photo Retouching Cake….

Removing Objects – We’ve mentioned editing in/out wedding guests above. Yet they’re not the only addition/prop which might be figured in or, conversely considered surplus to pictorial requirements, retrospectively.

For instance we routinely remove background objects, add bouquets, change background entirely and adjust tones/people’s height. We can even arrange, albeit backdated, to digitally manipulate the weather. Increase brightness levels, change the colour of sky, remove bright sunlight and much more.

In fact, the list is endless

Feel confident to contact us reassured in the knowledge that we can fix the photo of your digital wedding image requests and will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.