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Family means absolutely everything to all of us, and it goes without saying that we’d do absolutely anything for our nearest and dearest. But although we’re inherently programmed to always see our loved ones in the best possible light, cameras don’t necessarily receive the same memo every time they capture the moment. Because cameras – despite the old adage which suggests otherwise – can easily lie. The result of which can photographically render us a few pixels off our very best.

Yet there is a solution to family photo editing services woes staring you in the face, and we’re it.

Forget all about windswept hair and out of focus images, not to mention accidentally hilarious (yet photogenically questionable) expressions, as we can consign such textbook errors to the pages of photo album history.

And how do we achieve this?

Read on, and we’ll explain.

There are so many special occasions we share with family members during our lifetimes, all of which it’s natural to photographically document. From weddings and births to holidays, graduations and a variety of other equally memorable events and family gatherings.

However even the best laid plans are subject to unforeseen (and indeed, largely ‘unseen’) interludes; whereby what starts as the perfect photo opportunity becomes susceptible to an array of unpredictable circumstances beyond the photographer’s control. Take for example uninvited guests or gatecrashers putting in an untimely appearance. Or rather to coin today’s phrase, ‘photobombers’; intentionally or not.

Picture the scene.

You’re about to take an Instagram-owning selfie of you and your partner perched on a landmark with a stunning vista as your backdrop. Only for someone to then casually wander in front of your timer-set smartphone which has been strategically positioned opposite.

Now what do you do?

Get in touch with us.

The past masters at removing unwanted images; to name but one family photo editing service customers regularly approach us about.

Family photo retouching services covers all digital image enhancing bases as you might expect, and we’re just as likely to receive a brief from parents wanting to accentuate the hue and saturation of the bluebells and meadow in an evening sunset shot which focuses on their child at play, as we are from a couple looking to eradicate a photobombing stranger from their holiday pics. And pretty much everything else in between.

Which, for the record, usually means implementing depth and warmth-increasing shadows, light and toning (to help create a superior quality family portrait that a client can’t wait to share with their family and friends), straightening and cropping an image (to restore a sense of balance and better compositioning) or plausibly changing the colour of an item of clothing altogether (to be sympathetic to the bigger picture).

Quite literally – or rather, photographically – there’s a world of different digital family image retouching possibilities out there which we can apply to any one of a client’s photos. So don’t hesitate to approach us with your digital family photo editing enquiries or briefs, so we can talk you through the myriad of options available to you.