product Photo retouching

Product photo retouching services, successfully delivering image editing solutions for businesses operating in FMCG, retail, manufacturing and automotive markets.

What Does Product Photo Retouching Services Involve?

Essentially it refers to the various digital photo editing processes. Those which we apply so as to revise, enhance, colour correct (think exposure and filters for example) or add (or remove) any aspects/elements of a photograph. And notably which require our attentions, and principally directed by our clients.

In terms of our business client base, we’re referring to companies who routinely approach us to digitally enhance a whole host of images for e-commerce purposes. It may be that they’re photos closely associated with the fields of fashion, electronics or food, for example. While elsewhere we have previously worked with corporate clients based in the automotive, jewellery, furniture or manufacturing sector.

But Why is Product Photo Editing Required in the First Place?

Two images merged together
The first image photographed in artificial light, the second in the dark to capture the console lights.

Primarily because any number of unforeseen scenarios can impact on the original creation of images. Those which (to the casual observer) might initially appear perfectly acceptable at face value. Yet fall some way short of expectations when scrutinised by would-be customers.

Trust us, when we say that there’s a world of difference between what the human eye detects ‘at a glance’ and what we see when a customer really needs to examine a particular image at close quarters.

There’s no doubting that a photographer can envisage the world in a way the rest of us might struggle to.

It’s their gift.

And they can subsequently manifest a masterpiece in the way they capture the then and there. But as humans, photographers are fallible to making errors too. They’re also harsh critics of their own work, as most creatives tend to be.

And any slight imperfection will stand out a mile as far as they’re concerned. Be it question marks surrounding light, contrast, hue, saturation, frame, clarity, shadows or alignment. And once the photo has been taken there’s no turning back.

Even in this advanced digital age.

Here at Digital Touch we are the photographer’s best friend.

Their ‘go to’ people for digitally retouching otherwise picture perfect images. For subtly editing areas of a photo which ultimately ensure presentation values are second to none. You can read more about our professional relationship with photographers (and how we collaborate with them) HERE, which will explain things in more detail.

So, What Are the Key Areas of Product Retouching from a Business Perspective?

There are numerous core elements which fall under the broad umbrella of professional photo editing images for business clients. And moreover, a range of retouching skillsets practiced by us to fulfil the client’s expectations.

We’ve noticed in recent times that one of the biggest requests is for background removals. Along with the elimination of peripheral objects which are often discovered in close proximity to the item our client is wishing to photographically emphasise. It makes sense to remove anything which might distract the eye of a potential customer. Which in digital photo manipulation terms typically means re-imagining the product image set against a transparent/clear/white backdrop.

This relatively simplistic form of enhancing the clarity and screen presence of an item is something that Amazon has been advocating for a while now. You may be familiar with the online retailer’s clean white backgrounds without even realising it.

Away from background removal, other areas of product retouching services which businesses ask us to look at on a regular basis is shadow adding/effect. Elsewhere mirror effect, alignment, clipping/cropping, cut-out, colour adjustments (including swaps) and photo masking are all common requests.

Picking up on another principle of photo editing which has seen a surge in popularity recently, and colour swapping is every bit as in-demand as background photo removal. Both jewellery and furniture clients favour this type of retouch. Effectively seeing one image replicated or colouration changed accordingly in a time and budget-conscious way.