Everything’s Gonna Be All White This Christmas: As We Are Amazon Photo Background Removal Experts

Amazon white backdrops are our digital photo background removal speciality.

Last Christmas, we gave you our art. But the very next day you gave it away (admittedly, to your customers). The product you specialise in, that is. The one we worked on religiously for you in the guise of digital photo background removal experts. And as you’d briefed us to do.

Yup. We’re talking about the image which you asked us to remove the non-plain white background on, so as to adhere to the well-documented Amazon guidelines. Because that’s what companies who sell their products through Amazon have a habit of doing. Another recurrent habit many of them subscribe to, is approaching professional digital photo background removal experts like Digital Touch. Especially right now.

Did you know?

Fact: Did you know that in the run-up to Christmas we tend to receive an overwhelming raft of enquiries from business clients who are looking to advertise their wares on Amazon? In recent years the online retailing behemoth has experienced a significant increase in turnover in terms of customers both buying and selling products in the guise of Christmas gifts. Via its hugely successful ecommerce platform. Which has had a subsequently profound knock-on effect for digital photo background removal experts across the board.

Your White Christmas, All Wrapped Up

And the reason businesses approach us in their droves here and now is simple.

White space.

Acres of the stuff. They’re after it, knowing that we can deliver it. Whenever and wherever they instruct us to.

Annually meteorologists struggle to guarantee us the prospect of a white Christmas. Despite ready access to a wealth of cutting-edge, weather-orientated mainframe computer programming models and algorithms at their disposal. DT on the other hand can confidently predict our Amazon-using business client’s seasonally adjusted backgrounds will be whiter than white again this year.

Just as they were Last Christmas. And the ones before that.

Don’t fret. We’re not about to channel our inner Wham! again. You’re safe to read on.

Facts Not Fiction

Would you like another couple of facts, as we’re feeling generous on the fact front today. Well if so, here’s a few fascinating Amazon-themed examples for you.

Were you aware that each month a staggering 197 million people globally facilitate their devices and visit Amazon? A mind-blowing figure which equates to more than the entire population of Russia.

Or that Amazon sells some 12 million products and counting?

Or that Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world generating a brain-melting $232.9 billion in revenue in 2018 alone?

And how about this one.

A whopping 95 million people around the world are now Amazon Prime members. 95 million.

Just think about that.

But not for long, because as someone who makes it their business to sell on Amazon, the bigger picture is that you are able to tap into this incredible virtual network of dedicated Christmas shoppers searching for your product as one of their gifts for loved ones. That’s what you should REALLY be thinking about when reading this.

That, and the consideration that there’s nothing stopping you having a slice of this ecommerce action yourself. Well, apart from the underlying fact that you’re not currently advertising your product on a box-fresh plain white background, as stipulated by that nice Mr Bezos. Who only really lays down the law when preaching his strictly white background ethos.

All of which reminds you as to where DT comes into play.

With Amazon picking up 1,029,528 new sellers this year (according to reputable media sources), chances are you might number one of these folk keen to expand your business still further. And therefore you’ll probably require our much sought-after/professionally-honed attributes as digital photo background removal experts to launch you into the major league.

Of course, not everyone chooses to use an established image editing company with 20 years experience under their belts and more positive Trustpilot reviews than most have enjoyed hot dinners in that time. Choose us that is, to address the previously mused white background issue which needs resolving ASAP. So you too can jump aboard the Amazon Express/gravy train.

You may instead opt to go it alone. And try to work out how to master background removals in the next few days. Alongside all the other far-reaching technical rules and regs Amazon insist that sellers abide by from the outset. And if you believe for one minute that you can grasp digital photo background removal practices in that short space of time, then with respect, the finished results risk leaving a little/lot to be, how can we politely phrase this; desired.

From sizing individual images, framing, file formatting, electing colour modes for them and generally following a very strict code of practice demanded by Amazon, time is most definately not on your side. It’s never really on ours for that matter either, as our services are very much in demand. But because we’re so good at what we do*, briefs such as this come as second nature to us. So our turnaround time for business clients’ requests is typically nothing short of super fast. Yet never compromising on high quality visual work, obviously.

Allow DT to provide blanket Amazon coverage as your digital photo background removal experts this Christmas

You see, there’s much more of a skill to this white space-creating than perhaps first meets the eye to those unfamiliar with the illustrative script. Faux pas committed by the uninitiated are commonplace and unfortunately can have a negative affect on a potential customer’s would-be journey to their website. Aesthetic appeal is still very much key, even on a white background. Take for instance sellers who juxtapose their product isolated in an absolute sea of white, as they haven’t quite appreciated the need to balance the compositional appeal.

Paying more than just lip service to the edges of your photos is markedly important. You want to fill the frame, yet avoid cutting off the subject of your image. Which can easily happen. And then there’s lighting, shadows, shade, reflections, hues, saturations and a multitude of other equally pivotal concerns which should only be ignored at the seller’s peril. And if they’re not wanting to compete with their nearest rivals for their market share.

Tis the season of Good Will Ferrell to all men and women at Amazon. Providing the image is depicted on a white background.

Don’t Let Your product Be Left On The Elf This Christmas

Thankfully these are amongst the core elements that Digital Touch turn our exacting eyes to, and have done for Christmasses past, present and that other one you often hear about around about now. To save you both the time and trouble of attempting to work out all the intricacies for yourself. When your business has already got a million and one other things to otherwise prioritise in the run-up to Christmas.

So don’t take a chance and ‘wing it’ when it comes to digital photo background removal this Christmas. Or be ill-advisedly swayed by any amount of online video tutorials which profess to show you how ‘easy’ the task is, via supposedly foolproof step-by-step instruction. Not when you can easily get in touch with digital photo background removal experts with our reputation, in the time it takes you to log into your YouTube account.

This way you can keep everyone happy this Christmas. Your customers, your family (given the time it would take you to learn the basics of DIY background removal), Mr Bezos.

But most importantly, your customers. Those millions of buyers out there in AmazonLand looking to purchase what you’re selling. Just as long as you’ve presented it on a lovely white background, capturing it in its best light and engaging with its full potential.

Put it this way, we’ll remain on your Christmas card list for years to come you’ll be so chuffed with our work.

*digital photo background removal services

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