Everything’s Gonna Be All White This Christmas: As We Are Amazon Photo Background Removal Experts

Amazon white backdrops are our digital photo background removal speciality.

Last Christmas, we gave you our art. But the very next day you gave it away (admittedly, to your customers). The product you specialise in, that is. The one we worked on religiously for you in the guise of digital photo background removal experts. And as you’d briefed us to do.

Yup. We’re talking about the image which you asked us to remove the non-plain white background on, so as to adhere to the well-documented Amazon guidelines. Because that’s what companies who sell their products through Amazon have a habit of doing. Another recurrent habit many of them subscribe to, is approaching professional digital photo background removal experts like Digital Touch. Especially right now.

Did you know?

Fact: Did you know that in the run-up to Christmas we tend to receive an overwhelming raft of enquiries from business clients who are looking to advertise their wares on Amazon? In recent years the online retailing behemoth has experienced a significant increase in turnover in terms of customers both buying and selling products in the guise of Christmas gifts. Via its hugely successful ecommerce platform. Which has had a subsequently profound knock-on effect for digital photo background removal experts across the board.

Your White Christmas, All Wrapped Up

And the reason businesses approach us in their droves here and now is simple.

White space.

Acres of the stuff. They’re after it, knowing that we can deliver it. Whenever and wherever they instruct us to.

Annually meteorologists struggle to guarantee us the prospect of a white Christmas. Despite ready access to a wealth of cutting-edge, weather-orientated mainframe computer programming models and algorithms at their disposal. DT on the other hand can confidently predict our Amazon-using business client’s seasonally adjusted backgrounds will be whiter than white again this year.

Just as they were Last Christmas. And the ones before that.

Don’t fret. We’re not about to channel our inner Wham! again. You’re safe to read on.

Facts Not Fiction

Would you like another couple of facts, as we’re feeling generous on the fact front today. Well if so, here’s a few fascinating Amazon-themed examples for you.

Were you aware that each month a staggering 197 million people globally facilitate their devices and visit Amazon? A mind-blowing figure which equates to more than the entire population of Russia.

Or that Amazon sells some 12 million products and counting?

Or that Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world generating a brain-melting $232.9 billion in revenue in 2018 alone?

And how about this one.

A whopping 95 million people around the world are now Amazon Prime members. 95 million.

Just think about that.

But not for long, because as someone who makes it their business to sell on Amazon, the bigger picture is that you are able to tap into this incredible virtual network of dedicated Christmas shoppers searching for your product as one of their gifts for loved ones. That’s what you should REALLY be thinking about when reading this.

That, and the consideration that there’s nothing stopping you having a slice of this ecommerce action yourself. Well, apart from the underlying fact that you’re not currently advertising your product on a box-fresh plain white background, as stipulated by that nice Mr Bezos. Who only really lays down the law when preaching his strictly white background ethos.

All of which reminds you as to where DT comes into play.

With Amazon picking up 1,029,528 new sellers this year (according to reputable media sources), chances are you might number one of these folk keen to expand your business still further. And therefore you’ll probably require our much sought-after/professionally-honed attributes as digital photo background removal experts to launch you into the major league.

Of course, not everyone chooses to use an established image editing company with 20 years experience under their belts and more positive Trustpilot reviews than most have enjoyed hot dinners in that time. Choose us that is, to address the previously mused white background issue which needs resolving ASAP. So you too can jump aboard the Amazon Express/gravy train.

You may instead opt to go it alone. And try to work out how to master background removals in the next few days. Alongside all the other far-reaching technical rules and regs Amazon insist that sellers abide by from the outset. And if you believe for one minute that you can grasp digital photo background removal practices in that short space of time, then with respect, the finished results risk leaving a little/lot to be, how can we politely phrase this; desired.

From sizing individual images, framing, file formatting, electing colour modes for them and generally following a very strict code of practice demanded by Amazon, time is most definately not on your side. It’s never really on ours for that matter either, as our services are very much in demand. But because we’re so good at what we do*, briefs such as this come as second nature to us. So our turnaround time for business clients’ requests is typically nothing short of super fast. Yet never compromising on high quality visual work, obviously.

Allow DT to provide blanket Amazon coverage as your digital photo background removal experts this Christmas

You see, there’s much more of a skill to this white space-creating than perhaps first meets the eye to those unfamiliar with the illustrative script. Faux pas committed by the uninitiated are commonplace and unfortunately can have a negative affect on a potential customer’s would-be journey to their website. Aesthetic appeal is still very much key, even on a white background. Take for instance sellers who juxtapose their product isolated in an absolute sea of white, as they haven’t quite appreciated the need to balance the compositional appeal.

Paying more than just lip service to the edges of your photos is markedly important. You want to fill the frame, yet avoid cutting off the subject of your image. Which can easily happen. And then there’s lighting, shadows, shade, reflections, hues, saturations and a multitude of other equally pivotal concerns which should only be ignored at the seller’s peril. And if they’re not wanting to compete with their nearest rivals for their market share.

Tis the season of Good Will Ferrell to all men and women at Amazon. Providing the image is depicted on a white background.

Don’t Let Your product Be Left On The Elf This Christmas

Thankfully these are amongst the core elements that Digital Touch turn our exacting eyes to, and have done for Christmasses past, present and that other one you often hear about around about now. To save you both the time and trouble of attempting to work out all the intricacies for yourself. When your business has already got a million and one other things to otherwise prioritise in the run-up to Christmas.

So don’t take a chance and ‘wing it’ when it comes to digital photo background removal this Christmas. Or be ill-advisedly swayed by any amount of online video tutorials which profess to show you how ‘easy’ the task is, via supposedly foolproof step-by-step instruction. Not when you can easily get in touch with digital photo background removal experts with our reputation, in the time it takes you to log into your YouTube account.

This way you can keep everyone happy this Christmas. Your customers, your family (given the time it would take you to learn the basics of DIY background removal), Mr Bezos.

But most importantly, your customers. Those millions of buyers out there in AmazonLand looking to purchase what you’re selling. Just as long as you’ve presented it on a lovely white background, capturing it in its best light and engaging with its full potential.

Put it this way, we’ll remain on your Christmas card list for years to come you’ll be so chuffed with our work.

*digital photo background removal services

Let us Create a Corporate Christmas Card Design for You!

As a Digital Photo Retouching Company we offer a Corporate Christmas Card Design Service.

Calling all businesses! Have you never imagined how a professional photo retouching company could transform your festive image by way of having them (for ‘them’ read ‘us’) create a corporate Christmas card design for you?

Well if not, now’s the time to think again.

You know the script.

All year round you’ve had to keep a corporate lid on your excited inner child in the name of keeping up business appearances. Towing the LinkedIn line and generally projecting the sort of commercial image and ethos which keeps you one step ahead of the corporate competition. In whatever sector you choose to successfully go about your business.

However Christmas is now on the distant/hopefully snowy horizon. And that means everyone is entitled to relax a little and reconnect with their more playful side. And yes. That includes all you corporate movers and shakers and captains of industry out there.

C’mon now. Do we REALLY have to remind you of the tale of Scrooge and a Christmas Carol?

We thought not.

Christmas is the one time of year we can all afford to let our (collective) hair down and look forward to partying like it’s 1999. Again. Bearing in mind we’ve got to fast forward 20 years, obviously. ‘Partying’ and not ‘parting’ too, just to clarify.

And of course one of the most tried and tested ways of spreading a bit of festive cheer and goodwill towards all men, women and most importantly at this time of year, clients; is to send them a corporate Christmas card design.

But not just ANY Yuletide-themed stationary offering, but rather a personalised company Christmas card.

Or as we’re keen to refer to it as hereabouts, a corporate Christmas card design. The type that will resonate with your clients and make even the hardest-nosed business types a bit squidgy on the insides.

Perhaps make them chuckle to themselves. Maybe trigger the shedding of a seasonal tear if the subject matter is heartfelt and not humourous.

Whether the recipient laughs, cries, is shocked or simply smiles and senses a warm, fuzzy feeling growing inside of them, eliciting an emotion from someone you’ve conducted business with this past 12 months is what it’s all about come this time of year. And what better way to achieve this very human notion (and subsequent deed), than to create a bespoke corporate Christmas card design.

One that will strike a chord when opened by your client and remind everyone else of what Noddy Holder steadfastly reminds us to this very day. That “It’s Christmas!!”

OK. That’s what you want to happen. But what you DON’T want to happen is this.

What you don’t want to do/happen/transpire however is to venture down the predictable route. And opt for one of numerous animal name-inspired personalised greetings card websites who make a seasonal habit of trying to tempt the unwary into parting company with their hard earned in exchange for a glossy uploaded Christmas card depicting the management team looking altogether sheepish beneath a collection of superimposed santa hats.

Nobody wants or needs that in their lives.

Yes pigeons and pigs, we’re looking at you. There’s no escaping the fact that some of these concepts are more awkward than the direct aftermath of the office Christmas party.

Instead you need to be thinking outside of the box.

And of companies who imagine and craft something a little more, well, personal to you. An individual corporate Christmas card design which captures the zeitgist of the message you want to promote this year. And one that is, (photo) graphically, as far removed from the HR department dressed as elves as can be. Unless that is, your brief instructs us to create just that image. And if so, then that’s perfectly fine by us. As the client is ALWAYS right.

And yes. We will imagine you with reindeer antlers atop your head (maybe a teensy bit reluctantly), if that’s what you brief us to do.

Corporate Christmas Card Designs needn't be predictable and boring. Instead use a Digital Photo Retouching Service to Create Something Memorable.

Anyway. Here’s what else we can do for you.

Being past masters (but as well as Christmasses bygone, we’re resolutely present and future-focused) of corporate Christmas card design we are very adept at picturing management and employees in all manner of seasonally-adjusted scenarios. Which can then be transferred onto a Christmas card and posted out to the ones you’ve loved reaching out to during 2019.

Themes can be anything you desire them to be. From witty, zany and (tastefully) religious through to traditional, creative or thought-provoking.

And we don’t just remove backgrounds and imagine staff on new/alternative snow-encrusted ones either. We’re equally at home manifesting more illustratively-led visuals to cards, where ‘Beryl from accounts’ doesn’t even get a photographic look in, if that’s what you want.

Take a recent corporate Christmas card design request for example. When one client asked us to photographically superimpose a Christmas tree in front of a frozen lake. Think very Nordic/Northern Lights-esque. Which turned out incredibly arty/moody, as you might imagine it would.

That’s correct. We’ll do (almost) anything for the love of a corporate Christmas card design. But we won’t do that (plural)

Basically, whatever you want us to do, we’ll do for you.

The only difference being, our photographic interpretations of your ideal/envisaged corporate christmas card design will be absolutely flawless. As we’re not in the business of creating a job lot of pseudo-Christmas card templates. But we ARE in the business of seamlessly juxtapositioning an image of you (and/or your employees) within any festively appropriate scene you see fit. Providing it’s not something that demands PG certification, nor perceived as blasphemous in any way.

It’s fair to say that pretty much anything nativity-based is probably off limits on the grounds of decency. Same rule applies if in your mind’s eye you see four of your best precision engineers dressed in oversized white parkas and recreating East 17’s iconic ‘Stay Another Day’ Christmas Number 1 music video from approximately 1994.

Only joking.

However if you request that we photographically drop key members of the company’s bid team into the video for ‘Christmas in Blobbyland’ by Mr Blobby, then the odds are we’ll draw the line roughly about there.

All we want this Christmas is you. Well, your photographic likeness

Not in person, we hasten to add. But in photographic form. So that we can then sprinkle our very own digital image retouching fairy dust over Derek the lab technician and set about placing him in a still frame from the movie, ‘Love, Actually’*.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you create a corporate Christmas card design for your business which will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Unshakeable, if it centres around Malcolm from the buying team being reimagined as a be-permed David Essex in a ‘Winter’s Tale’.

*other Christmas movies and/or pop videos are acceptable

Photo Retouching Artists Capture Very Essence of Celebrities Via Medium of Renaissance Art

Kim and Kanye West Depicted as Grant Wood's American Gothic Couple.

What’s that, you want celebrities AND Renaissance art in the same blog? Well then, you best pull up a pew, as our very latest virtual scriblings comprise both. Courtesy of the creative endeavours of a gaggle of photo retouching artists like us. But NOT us. Not yet, anyway. Not until next year.

In a world seemingly gone crazy over Photoshopped versions of themselves, it’s always refreshing to discover that there remain some who don’t take themselves (or their lives, for that matter) too seriously. And while some of the more narcissitic persuasion choose to selfie themselves to within a mile of their natural, there are others who instead envisage Mick Jagger as Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Albeit with a little visual nudge in the right direction from their friend and ours, Adobe.

Actor Christian Bale Having Being Photo Retouched as Renaissance Art Portrait.

So basically these are the celebrities reimagined in Photoshop you mentioned in the title?

Yes. But please read on. We are going somewhere with this.

For the record, we’re not* about to draw attention to those of us (ahem, photo retouching artists) who might occasionally decide to Photoshop their cat’s head onto the body of Horatio Nelson. Because as amusing as that sometimes transpires, the joins aren’t always seamless as we like to believe.

Plus it’s a bit odd.

However the same can’t be said about the following examples of the non-pet Photoshopping genre. Which all look incredibly professional in execution.

Put simply, there’s no way on God’s green earth you could accuse any of this lot of being amateurish. Especially not in their approach to immortalising the likes of Kim and Kanye West as the devoutly stern couple pictured in Grant Wood’s instantly recognizable 1930 composition, ‘American Gothic’.

Although we’re assuming that many of the entries were submitted by individuals with no formal training in the art of Photoshopping. Along with many more who, like us, are pretty well versed in the dark arts. Primarily because the competition is open to anyone and everyone with ready access to Photoshop. Pros and not-so pros alike.

Raptor Dinosaur Reimagined In Classic Renaissance Art Composition by Photo Retouching Artist.

Celebrities Reimagined in Photoshop as Renaissance Beauties. And not so Beauties

Created by the guys over at, their annual ‘Celebrities in Classic Portraits’ competition attracts interest from far and wide. From the hugely talented, through to the passionate would-be photo retouching artists. And every level of skillset/pay grade which falls in between the two stools.

The brief is a straightforward one. Stating that anyone participating answers the following question to the best of their ability. And obviously via the gift of Photoshop.

If the Renaissance took place in modern times, and the models were famous pop culture celebrities, what would the artwork have looked like?’

As you might imagine, this affords most people carte blanche to REALLY go to town. And use their mind’s eye to picture just what Vin Diesel would look like as Michelangelo’s ‘David’. And any transient thoughts of a similar ilk which many of us photo retouching artists (practising and long in the tooth) muse over on a daily basis.

The only rules of engagement decree that entrants transpose the prominent figure found in the foreground of any famous or iconic work of art with any contemporary actor (or popular culture figure) they see fit. In terms of a physical substitute.

For example, replacing the head of the character in Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ with that of Seth Rogan. Just for a laugh. And because they can. Providing that their Photoshop skills are strong.

As it happens someone saw Seth Rogan’s head better served attached to the torso of what we believe to be one of Henry VIII’s various ex wives. Ruffle and all. And we have to applaud their majesty.

Photo Retouching Artist Portrays Star Trek's Spock as Renaissance Art Man.

OK. So it’s just Renaissance-themed photo retouched artwork that’s accepted?

No, not at all.

And to avoid any confusion, the peeps over at Design Crowd said/say (for future entrants) budding Photoshop experts can use any old painting or work of art. Not just those from the Renaissance period.

Speaking of future entrants, and having only just stumbled upon this competition, DT is hell bent on making our mark next year. As you might have expected us to admit/get stupidly excited about.

Why wouldn’t we?

So, watch this space as they say. Well, in 12 months.

In the meantime, take a ganders at some of this year’s Photoshopped wonderment and let us know which is your favourite. And yes. As you might have guessed. There are numerous counts of President Trump being reimagined as someone he isn’t.* Together with a job lot of Mona Lisa (plural).

*Although we actually are, because that’s one of the CATegories (officially acknowledged as ‘Animal Renaissance’) we’re about to explain. Along with ‘Modern Renaissance, Punk-a-Ren, Holiday ModRen, DinoRen’ and ‘Club Medieval’.

**Ours is the catchily titled, ‘Death by Fire or by Raptor’. Which has been pictorially inspired by Renaissance artist, Raphael’s ‘Fire in the Borgo’. Two images directly up from here, for those not in the Renaissance Art loop. That being said, it was a toss up betwixt this and Kim and Kanye being all American Gothicised.

***Pretty much anyone vaguely human

Will New Photoshop Camera App Signal Death Knell for Professional Photo Retouching Artists?

New Photoshop Camera App announced this week, sounds like a very big deal.
Psssst. Er no. But please read on, anyway……

So, our good friend, Adobe has just announced it’s launching a dedicated photo retouching app for smartphones called the new Photoshop Camera app. It’s not actually prefixed with the word ‘new’. We’ve just added that for good SEO measure, obvs.

And geeks are obviously getting a teensy weeny bit excited at the prospect of this. Probably the sort who decamp outside Apple stores for a week ahead of the launch of the latest all-singing, all-dancing iPhone. And that’s their perogrative, of course. Each to their own and all that jazz.

Question is, as bona fide professional photo retouching artists; people are already asking us if we should be quaking in our boots at this latest news?

And the answer is….(no drum roll required)….a great big no. As in NO. And a resounding no at that.

And here’s why we’re not packing up our own cutting-edge Photoshop software packages, closing the window blinds and placing a ‘Gone on Extended Holiday’ sign on our door just yet.

Brace yourself; there’s an analogy heading this way.

Think of it like this.

In theory, you could shoe-horn your averagely-skilled car driver into the cockpit of 6 times Formula 1 Driver’s Champion, Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, and ask them to take it for a spin. Put it through their paces. See what they can get out of it.

But does that mean they’ll perform in it like the our newly re-crowned champ? Or vaguely akin to any motorsport professional for that matter? Are they likely to set a new lap record around Silverstone?

Er, no.

The chances are they’d keep stalling it until such time as Hell froze over. And even if they did get it started, they’d likely plough it straight into a pile of tyres.

You can see exactly where we’re going with this now, can’t you?

The key word you’re looking for above is ‘professional’. Because that’s the different between someone who knows what they’re doing, because they’ve been doing it since they were knee-high to the proverbial grasshopper. And someone else who thinks it’s a lot easier than it looks.

That’s not to make us sound too big for those aforementioned boots we confirmed we weren’t set to quake in any time soon, mind. At the mention of Adobe letting the cat out of the bag and announcing its much-anticipated new Photoshop Camera app. Merely to address the fact that it takes a lot more than a piece of snazzy filtering kit downloaded to a phone to make you a whizz at image editing.

It also takes many, many years of practice to make (picture) perfect too.

But we’re only saying all this in jest.

As at the end of the day, this news is hardly direct competition for the professional photo editing sector. It simply means that every one of us with a half-decent smartphone can have a bit more choice when it comes to our phone filters. Once we realise that Instagram and/or Snapchat only has about four decent examples to choose from every time we try to make our latest pics pop. While the existing filters in-built to most smartphone manufacturers’ devices these days could hardly be described as being ‘all that’, either.

So truth be told, we’re actually cockahoop that our (very good) friends over at Photoshop are jumping on the mobile image enhancing bandwagon and offering something that will undoubtedly blow the competition out of the water. Not least because we have a good idea of just how good these filters will be.

Microfiching for information, before the superhighway was even constructed.
We still love our old original Photoshop. You can keep your new-fangled tech….

Clang. Sorry. I Think We Just Dropped a Name or Two….

But what they won’t be is us. Nor will the millions of potential users keen to give the app a whirl. Not to put too finer point on it (but we will all the same) because they don’t have over 20 years first hand experience in the professional photo retouching business. During which time our clients have included The National Trust and Channel 4‘s resident property guru, Sarah Beeney to name but two previous happy customers of ours.

Having said all this, we don’t want to come across as either killjoys nor smarta****. Plus it goes without saying that like everyone else, once the new Photoshop Camera app becomes readily available (sometime in 2020; precise details remain a bit sketchy) we’ll be rushing to download the app to see what all the fuss is about.

What IS All the Fuss About?

Well, we better tell you while you’re here, we guess.

Unveiled for the first time anywhere this week at Adobe’s annual MAX conference, critics are already colloquially describing the new Photoshop Camera app as a way in which to ‘democratise creativity’. And there’s no denying that Adobe certainly knows its onions in the image manipulation sector; whenever and wherever it drops new kit.

A byword for online photo editing supremeness amongst the great and the good who serve the image editing profession across the globe for as long as we care to remember now, Adobe’s Photoshop is without question the touchstone for anyone working in our business. But that’s not to say it’s easy to get your head around when using it. For most of us professional photo retouchers it can take years of fastidious dedication to the cause to master all of its unique facets and quirks. Quirks we said, not Quarks. Xpress is more old school than us.

Photoshop claims however that its new mobile-only app will be very user-friendly. Telling all and sundry that it will utilise Adobe’s Sensei artificial intelligence in order to instruct phone users which filters and lenses work best for each individual snap they’re in the process of digitally enhancing. Such is the searing intellect of the all-seeing ‘artifical one’, that it can readily identify the subject in the image as precisely what genre it’s defined as. Be it a landscape, food or portrait shot. And then proceed to give the user a virtual nod and a wink in the direction of which of its countless filters would best serve the purpose in this given scenario.

OK. We’re Admitting it. The New Photoshop Camera App is Pretty Neat

Which we’ll admit, is pretty darn impressive. But the future-proof smugness of the AI doesn’t end there. Because Adobe’s Sensei can also recognise the visceral tech content of the pic too, and automatically adjust accordingly. Think tonality, shadows, exposure, etc.

Hats off to Adobe then for inventing another slice of photo editing genius, yet we’ll continue to sleep easy knowing that DT will always remain the ‘go-to’ folks for all your serious digital image enhancing needs. Because we’re equipped with more than just a swanky bit of new tech. Coming as we do complete with a couple of traditional commodities that simply can’t be bought for love nor money. Experience and a natural creative ability. Not a pre-programmed version of events.

How to Take Pics of Pyrotechnics Which Look like They’ve Received Firework Photo Retouching Services Treatment

Firework photos can benefit from our digital photo retouching practices.

But remember, remember. If you don’t manage to pull it off, we can save your blushes by lending our Firework Photo Retouching Services skills to the suspect images.

At this time of year, talk often turns to the subject of fireworks. What with Bonfire Night almost upon us, and New Year’s Eve beginning to appear on more than just excitable firework photo retouching services‘ radars. Of course, the former will be pretty ‘on trend’ this season. Because if ever we needed Guy Fawkes to do the business once again, then it’s here and now with the moribund topic of Brexit relentlessly dragging on.

Yet whether they’re organised examples or privateer affairs, firework displays have to comply with Health & Safety concerns these days. So alas, Boris and Co can sleep easy in their Parliamentary beds.

We’ve Noticed an Upturn in Demand for Firework Photo Retouching Services from Wedding Photo Clients Too

Sorry, what was that?

Here at Digital Touch we embrace fireworks throughout the calendar year. Primarily due to lot of bride and grooms organising a display to celebrate their nuptials. And yes, sometimes the subsequent images leave a lot for newlyweds to desire. In fact, we’ve just this week completed some firework photo retouching services briefs for a wedding client. Who requested that we add/reverse engineer a firework which had gone off just milliseconds before the original picture was taken.

Which we duly factored back into the shot.

On previous occasions we receive wedding photo retouching briefs asking us to add more sparklers than the guests pictured are actually holding. However image removal and adding is very much part and parcel of what we do. Plus we’re suckers for anything to do with weddings, so naturally it’s always a pleasure to fulfil these briefs.

Yes. We Did Just Mention Something About a Guide to Taking Decent Fireworks Photos

We haven’t forgotten already. We’ll explain more in a minute.

Away from the worlds of contemporary wedding photo image enhancing and historic gunpowder, treason and plot type factoids, today’s pyrotechnical displays are altogether more visually seductive experiences than ever before. Some even being accompanied by a classical music soundtrack to crank up the element of drama a notch or three. Who else reckons that Jean-Michel Jarre would go down a treat in this scenario, or is it just us?

There’s no doubting that year on year, firework displays seem to get bigger and better, with those who’ve got money to burn really upping their games. Never before has the billing of ‘Fireworks Spectacular’ actually delivered on the promise sellotaped to the window of the local newsagents.

And the Advent of Snazzier Smartphones Means Fireworks Photos are That Much Cooler Too, You’d Imagine?

To a point, yes.

And on the back of our smartphones becoming increasly adept at capturing the arresting sights and sounds above our heads at this time of year, resultant photos can border on the almost professional too. The key word here being ‘almost’.

Providing the user has a little elementary knowledge on how to the extract the best from their digital device. If they haven’t, then rest assured the traditional run of out of focus, flat, blurry and/or over-exposed shots of firework parties will end up plastered all over our social media feeds during the next couple of months.

Guy Fawkes could do with a spot of digital photo retouching here.

So How Do I Nail a Killer Shot of Fireworks With my Smartphone? (i.e, the gist of this blog)

There’s a number of ways to achieve this mean feat, some more self-explanatory/common sense than others. So here’s DT’s summarised version of how to digitally touch firework photo-capturing greatness.


Always try to position yourself upwind of the display. As this means the smoke will drift in the opposite direction. Which translates as the sky remaining relatively clear for your endeavours. Also don’t hang around too long. Once fireworks get going, skies quickly fill with smoke, rapidly reducing visibility.


Seek out the more interesting perspectives. For instance if the fireworks display is close to water, see if you can get closer to the action on a boat.


We get it. For maximum drama, vividly coloured fireworks tend to work best against a solid black backdrop. But think a bit more creatively, by framing your shots to give them some much-needed context. Think about including skylines, landscapes or the juxtaposition of the crowd of spectators themselves. This helps generate a clearer idea of scale and scope too.


Forget about it. Won’t make one iota of difference when you’re snapping pics of fireworks, trust us. Same goes for zooming in. Waste of your time, as both significantly diminishes photo quality.


Fireworks photography is ALL about the timing. Get it right, and you ascend to God-like status. Get it hopelessly out of kilter, and there’s nowhere to hide (apart from in the link to your immediate left). Hit the capture button on your camera phone with too much urgency, and you jump the gun. Too late, conversely, and you’ll quickly discover the firework’s burst has already passed you by. Photography experts suggest listening out for the initial whistle as the banger or rocket heads skywards; and second before the starburst. That’s the ideal time to pre-empt the lightshow in their professional opinion, so who are we to disagree.

Burst Mode

Smartphone photographer’s best friend bar none, the burst mode should be re-named, ‘beast mode’. As that what transpires as you time your shot to perfection. Basically you’re all-but guaranteed to capture the highlights if you opt to shoot a very rapid succession of frames by holding the shutter button down.

HDR or Not to HDR

The latter. This feature will just slow you down, courtesy of its long-exposure set-up.


Less ‘War of the Worlds’, more something-else-which-kinda-rhyme- but-we-haven’t-actually-thought-of-as-we-go-to-press. If there’s one element in taking the picture perfect fireworks shot that ranks above everything else, then it’s having a steady hand. Failure to do this will mean the fireworks could end up being all over the shop. If you can’t afford a tripod, just ensure that you grip your phone with two hands and lean against something solid. Like a wall or tree for support.

Westminster lit up by digital enhanced fireworks photography.

OK. You’ve Meticulously Followed These General Rules of Firework Photo Retouching Services Thumb, But My Pics Are Still a Bit Sketchy. Now What?

It happens.

We’ve all been there and can empathize. The otherwise perfect shot of your partner, family, friends (or other assorted loved ones) has been ruined by the presence of some sub-standard fireworks photographed in the background? Rogue ones as those behind the lens prefer to call them. Despite spending time carefully creating what they thought was the perfect composition.

Well, some suggest subtle photo background removal retouching is the solution staring them in the face. Only that would defy the objective as puritans would doubtless concur. Rendering the offending image merely as a picture of a couple/group of familiar people caught at night.

So instead we’d go all out and recommend our more general firework photo retouching services.


We know what you’re about to say.

Something along the lines of why can’t you keep your firework photo retouching in-house, via a smartphone image filter app. Well nothing’s stopping you from doing this. And if you’re after a half-hearted approach to photo editing, then fill your boots by all means.

However, if you’re looking to circulate your Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve or indeed, wedding celebrations pics far and wide, then the chances are you’ll need to apply a little more blue sky thinking than that. Although technically it’ll be night sky thinking. But let’s not bogged down with details.

Come On, Spill. What Do You Do To Salvage Your Fireworks Pics?

We summon the forces of our digital photo enhancing software package Gods, together with flexing our finger muscles. Hugely important when using the graphic tablet pen tool which relies on a fair bit of punishment when we’re making your prized photos pop.

Obviously we can’t tell you everything we know/do, as if we did we’d be left with no other option than to kill you, obviously.*

Suffice to say it involves a lot of adjustment slider actions in relation to photo retouching software tools like white balance, temperature, tint, exposure, hue, saturation, luminance, target adjustment, layer masks, dehaze, clarity, texture, vibrance and noise reduction.

We must stop right there though, or we risk giving a little too much away about what we’ve been doing for over 8 years now. And have Trustpilot and Google Reviews left, right and centre as customer testament to the quality of the job we do.

So next time you realise that the would-be money shot you mistakenly believed you took while attending a Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve or wedding fireworks display is actually pretty cruddy, then remember (remember) to get in touch with us.

*JOKING!! It was the video who killed the radio star you should be hunting down

Halloween Photoshop Tricks & Treats, Worked to Gruesome Effect by Professional Image Enhancers

Ghostly goings on and state-of-the-art software collided in Pacman

As the night of the undead/highlight of the spooktacular calendar homes into view, we take a look at some of the most popular Halloween photo retouching effects dabbled in (on your behalf) by professional image enhancers.

Providing the dark arts are your fang.

And yes. We’ve just set out our pun-y stall for the rest of this blog. Sorry/not sorry.

Once upon a time anything spooky and computer-y started and finished with Pac-Man ghosts. And that was pretty much your lot. That being said, it will surprise nobody to learn that there are a bloodcurdling array of photo manipulation apps out there in SmartphoneLand these days. That can Zombie-fy anyone and everyone.

However, were you also aware that as a professional image enhancers our favourite photo retouching software tool also offers various ways in which we can easily put the frighteners on those privy to our visual handiwork?

No? Well read on to discover more.

More Thriller, Less Filler. Unless We’re Referring to Cure Frontman, Robert Smith, of Course

From Michael Jackson’s iconic ‘Thriller’ music video to Tim Burton’s seminal animated movie, ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’, Halloween has long-held a fascination with those who have likely been noted in life as having – and I quote – ‘something of the night’ about them. As well as the odd professional image enhancer, by the same token. Odd as in numerically.

And one of the most celebrated aspects of All Hallows ‘een is undoubtedly the prospect of getting dressed up in outfits. Those which closely resemble antiheroes of popular culture and gothic literary fiction. And giant bananas with horse’s heads attached to them, according to a quick perusal of social media timelines.

Everyone’s getting their freak on at this time of year.

Another casual glance at the side bar of certain daily newspaper’s websites shows you the saturation point of celebs in high spirits. Jonathan Ross has carved out a solid (urban legend status) reputation in Celebsville for annually throwing what can best be described as ‘amazing Halloween parties’. Yet somewhat surprisingly DT have never received the invite to one of those shindigs.

Jonatha Ross' famous Halloween Fancy Dress Parties

Vamping Up Your Halloween Imag-eerie

But what about when we’re not all attending fancy dress Halloween parties. Ones where we purportedly assume the actual embodiment of a young Edward Scissorhands himself (all-in-one black PVC rig out? – check. Roughly-applied make-up? – check. Sharp fingernails? – check. Hair dragged through a well-topiary’d hedge backwards? – check)?

That’s when we spend a not inconsiderable amount of spare time transposing our familiar faces onto the instantly recognisable physical form of an extra from the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’. To impress those on our Instagram feeds, primarily.

Or a ‘Twilight-esque’ vampire, if that’s still relevant. In our day vampires started and ended with ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’. But yeah; times/Halloween themes change.

Yet while there are countless downloadable apps readily available to transform us into right horrors, there’s also a whole world of Photoshop effects, filters and plug-ins we can play with too. If you’re REALLY looking to make a more lasting impression. And one that won’t wash off next time you step foot in the shower, post-Halloween party.

Freakily Unique Fangtastical Filters

Now, before we go any further we’ll level with you. Unlike some digital photo editing blogs of a similar nature to this, we’re categorically NOT going to share with you a whole host of Photoshop tutorials. Ones which show you how to create ghoulish Halloween-themed graphic effects. As that would be akin to revealing crucial tricks of our trade. Chitter chatter which might, subsequently talk us out of a job.

Although just for the record, we ain’t scared of no ghosts. Pacman nor Slimer. But remember this. You know EXACTLY who to call if you’ve got ANY digital photo manipulation queries.

Cobweb. Not the World Wide One

So instead we’re giving you the heads up on some specific Halloween filters and effects engineered by both Photoshop and independant, third party developers, which have been uniquely designed for those adept at the software package to fool around with in the lead up to the 31st of October. Professional image enhancers like DT, for example. Because let’s face it; Photoshop often appears as seeming witchcraft in the eyes of the uninitiated.

Hypothetically-speaking, if in the future you wanted us to digitally photo retouch an existing image of you (or yours*) in a Halloween styley, then you’ll be aware of what type of specialist effects we could facilitate to put you in the mood. As we’re on hand to fulfil your Halloween briefs, should you wish to spookify a photo for fancy dress party invite purposes. Or perhaps want to update your profile picture/cover shot on your social media.

Spooky Photoshop Filters and bespoke plugins for Professional Image Enhancers

8 Seriously Creepy Halloween Photo Editing Filters & Plug-ins to Make Your Images (Snap, Cackle and) Pop!

Smoke Effects – If you’re looking to instill a sense of bone-chilling atmosphere in your Halloween image, then introducing a smoke effect can certainly fit the criteria. Bespoke Photoshop filter developer, offer a number of smoke effects as a download. All of which are pre-rendered and non-destructive. Which means the original image you submit won’t be compromised in any way. One of the smoke effects is very ethereal, and as opposed to generating a dramatic style of smoke, has an other-worldly ambience to it, which we like.

Horror Glitch – You know what we mean here. When a psychologically unsettling fragmented image creates a sort of glitch/distortion effect. Which is an unnerving as it is inexplicable. Well, that. As a Photoshop plug-in. Very Paranormal Activity.

Zombie – What’s that? You want your photo to portray weird black veins, unsightly flesh wounds, missing limbs and the full-on zombie vibe for Halloween purposes? Then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Clown – Clowns eh? Tell me someone who doesn’t jump out of their skin when confronted with clowns. Apart from avid circus goers. No, we’re referring to Stephen King’s interpretation of the erstwhile kids entertainer. Now THAT’S proper scary, isn’t IT?? Well, this third party-crafted Photoshop filter comprises of 10 eye types, 6 paint options for eyes, 5 special horror effects and 3 paint options for mouth alone.

Ghost – A step up in terms of ghostly Photoshop goings on means plundering Envato’s Ghost Photo Creator plug-in. Which allows professional image enhancers to turn hitherto ordinary folk (objects and/or animals) into photo-realistic, grainy, transparent ghost-like apiritions. In a purely graphical sense.

Things That Go Dodge & Burn in The Night

Vampire – Twilight might be old hat nowadays (and our beloved, ‘The Lost Boys’, positively old school), yet every generation has a thang for vampires. Whether you’re a fan boy/girl of the romanticised Victorian ideal or a more contemporary slasher-esque vamp, we can, er, ‘vamp up’ your photos. According to how you see yourself. Various eye colours optional.

Glow in the Dark – Inverting colours works a treat and always tends to come across as a tad freaky. Add a vibrant glow to proceedings and before you know it you have a slightly disturbing version of yourself, Halloween-primed, courtesy of professional image enhancers.

Witch – From that streaky, dirty-teared effect to deadlier than the dead of night black eyes, we have the (professional image enhancer) powers to complete your metamorphosis. From normal/functional member of the public to full-on Blair Witch. Or if you prefer something more subtle, how about a Pendle hag? The choice is yours.

Generally Haunted Expressions – One of the many aftermarket plug-ins available, this simplistic one essentially allows the user to add a ghostly pale complexion to the image (ideally a human, obviously for full, dramatic effect). Picture the girl who climbs out of the TV set in ‘The Ring’ and you’ll along the right lines.

Footnote: Incidentally we’re in the business of restoring old family photos too, don’t forget. Those with or without an other-wordly presence floating about somewhere in the digitally image enhanced background.

*including your cute pet dog, if you happened to want to turn your Pug into giant spider or something equally bewitching