Image Editing Photoshop Artists Reimagine Political Heavyweights in Famous Paintings

Donald Trump illustratively depicted as a boy in a pink dress, original painting in 1840.

Now, before we go any further, don’t fret. DT has no intention whatsoever of going all ‘political’ on you. We’ll leave that to the raft of other blogs and concentrate on doing our own unashamedly digital photo retouching thang during lockdown. As any image editing Photoshop artists would.

We’re also well aware that some politicians aren’t exactly who you might refer to as flavour of the month of late. Naming no names, but un-elected advisors who enjoy Spring walks in County Durham, for example.

But none of this explains why peoples’ lockdown dreams/nightmares have teetered on the surreal.

And why DT might, hypothetically-speaking have momentarily imagined how Narcicist-in-Chief, Donald Trump would look cast as the compositional lead in Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’. Although more the collective emotional reaction of the planet every time Big Don opens his mouth to address America, truth be told.

Or for that matter fleetingly visualised our very own Bumbling BoJo as one of Dali’s melting clocks.

Or perhaps transiently seen the Supreme Cheesemeister, Kim Jong-Un as a Pre-Raphaelite cherub in a Bourne-Jones stained glass window, in the mind’s eye.

Everyone's favourite Kim, portrayed as Magritte's 1964 surrealist masterpiece, 'The Son of Man'.

Surely not we’re the only image editing Photoshop artists who have witnessed these images flash before us?

Hasn’t pretty much EVERYONE else during these challenging times, experienced one inexplicably peculiar dream sequence or another?

The sort of which would make ‘Twin Peaks’ iconic scenes appear tame by comparison.

Politicians. Zzzzzzz….

Politicans have been thrust on the world stage like never before, their electorates looking to them for leadership and direction. Not to mention a steady flow of witty memes at the very least. While nations attempt to plot their ways through and out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vladimir receives Van Gogh treatment, as politicians reimagined by image editing Photoshop artists.

Photoshopped Images of World Leaders Offer Visual Distraction From Pandemic

However some of these vivid imaginations (and visual machinations) of our almost delirious lockdown minds have actually been captured by equally adept image editing Photoshop artists of late, it would appear.

OK. Well, maybe not OUR strange mental images of world leaders reinvented as famous works of contemporary art. Slightly toned down versions, let’s say.

Not only imagined, but illustratively brought to life by talented Photoshop practitioners with a keen sense of humour put to entertaining use.

Who Are These People Of Whom We Speak?

A number of creatively-inspired contributors and co-collaborators have answered the call of Australian-based design-influenced crowdsourcing platform, (the aptly-named) Design Crowd. Who asked users and fans of the portal to come up with Photoshopped interpretations of what certain politicians might look like if they were the original artist’s muses. The original artists who created instantly recognisable masterpieces, to clarify.

Yup. Brace Yourself for Trump-tastical Photoshopped Works of Art

Design Crowd are no strangers to putting similar questions out there as a means of encouraging image editing Photoshop artists to get their creative juices flowing. And lockdown has provided much with more, in terms of an increasingly fertile global political landscape.

Admittedly, a last sentence that image editing Photoshop artists like DT never believed they would utter, pre-society restructuring. Yet needs must, etc, etc….

Prior to this, Design Crowd has invited both professional and amateur Photoshoppers to devise digitised imagery on all manner of eclectic topics. From animals imagined in Renaissance-era compositions through to cartoon characters comedically juxtaposed with historically-acknowledged oil painted heavyweights.

Clever Photoshopping ensures that the very likeness of murdered French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat is recreated by the presence of former UK PM, David Cameron.

To 2020 though.

And this new theme is one which nobody on the planet can escape right now. No, not Coronavirus. Something more opinion-polarising than that.


Loathe them or hate them, some of the most well-known have been graphically transformed into a collection of Photoshop-primed portraits for our delictation. The results of which lurch from haplessly hilarious to downright frightening. From speechless to borderline slanderous. From controversial to….yeah, you get it.

That said, BoJo seems to have got off the hook…..

Balance-of-sorts is restored however, as there’s a fair few Trump memes-in-the-making.

Enjoy and remember to #staysafe.

And don’t forget; politicians are for life (or full terms, anyway). Not just Christmas. Alas.

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