New Study Reveals Why Wedding Photographer’s Should Collaborate With A Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding photographers spend just 4% of their work time capturing pictures of brides and grooms, according to latest industry study. Enlisting digital wedding photo editing service can reverse this trend.

Digital wedding photo editing service shocked with upshot of recent industry survey. Which lifts lid on fact wedding photographers spend just 4% of work time capturing wedding pics. While photo editing own work accounts for staggering 55% of each job.

Look at it this way.

If you’re a zookeeper, it’s safe to assume that you spend the majority of your time feeding animals such as penguins. Maybe cleaning up after them too, but mostly feeding them and being bowled over by their cuteness.

Same rule applies if you told your school careers advisor you wanted to be a professional footballer when you grew up. And lo and behold; you aspired to become one. Resulting in you spending most of your time kicking a ball around a pitch while receiving the adoration of a full stadium. Only significantly less full during a global pandemic, of course.

Enlisting Help of Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service Will Free Up More Time for Wedding Photographers To Be Behind the Lens, Rather Than the Laptop Screen

So why then, if your dream job is that of a wedding photographer, would you chose to spend more than half of your time sat behind your laptop getting to grips/religiously familiarising yourself with the nuances of specialist software packages (ie, Photoshop)?

As expertly facilitated 24/7 by digital wedding photo editing service professionals (ie, DT).

As opposed to being out in the field capturing brides and grooms in their wedding finery. Although not always fulfilling your brief at rural weddings, for the record.

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Rick Dell, Rick Dell Photography

Yet it’s precisely this that UK-based wedding photographers spend a shocking amount of their career doing, according to a recent study which has just been published. The findings of which stress that 55% of each wedding photographer’s individual gig is typically reserved for the editing of those pics thereafter.

Admittedly down from the 2019 figures (77%). Yet still confirmation of a nonsensical proportion of time dedicated to what should only be factored in as a small representation of a wedding photographer’s business model.

But these stats get worse….

Upon further scrutiny, research shows that a staggering 96% of a wedding photographer’s time is taken up with pretty much anything other than capturing stunning pics of the bride and groom on their biggest of big days.

Digital wedding photo editing service can work in collaboration with wedding photographers to ensure they free up more photoshoot time.

Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service Can Reverse These Eye-opening Stats, Ensuring Wedding Photographers Have Better Photo-capturing-to-Image-Retouching Trade-off

Which begs the following question. With a mere 4% of their time allocated to the actual taking of wedding photos, what in the name of all things holy is your typical wedding photographer doing the rest of the time?

Well, firstly there’s the small matter of completing on-going business and associated administration tasks. Which can amount to 18% of a wedding photographer’s time.

Also, don’t forget there’s the systematic culling of wedding photos to take care of. You know, the ones which failed to turn out quite how they (or more importantly, the bride and groom) imagined. And end up on the cutting room/studio floor. That can be time-consuming, apparently; accounting for close to 11% of a wedding photographer’s time.

Meanwhile you need to let would-be customers know that you’re out there if you’re a wedding photographer. Self-promotion and general communication (be it via social media or more traditional means of marketing) is imperative.

7% of your time as a wedding photographer can be meaningfully dedicated/lost to this necessary evil.

However the biggest distraction by a country mile is wedding photo editing. Where evidence compiled by suggests that a whopping 14 hours on average is set aside for digitally retouching each wedding.


A task a digital wedding photo editing service could have signed off in half that time, we should coco. In the capacity of a digital wedding photo editing services provider with two decades experience in the wedding image retouching sector.

Who Said What?

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. A swipe-free website that introduces impending brides and grooms to professional wedding photographers.

It’s these guys who have exposed the truth about just how much time wedding photographer’s spend on image retouching. As part of their fourth annual wedding photographer survey. Where they pieced together collective feedback gleamed from over 300 professional wedding photographers based here in the UK.

Therefore the next biggest question which DT finds itself asking, is this.

Working with a digital wedding photo editing service can benefit professional wedding photographers, as latest survey reveals 55% of each job is spent image retouching.

Just WHY do wedding photographers self-edit their own work, when digital wedding photo editing service professionals like us exist?

Surely farming your wedding image manipulation requirements out to us makes more sense than to hunker down in front of your laptop. Especially for such long periods of time?

And even more pertinantly; as we all emerge from actual lockdown.

It’s not as though we haven’t got some serious levels of experience in this subject matter. Given the aforementioned two decades DT has been retouching wedding pics. Essentially providing photo-retouched solutions for a mixture of briefs. Either sent directly from brides and grooms (looking to us to rescue their dream shots) or indeed, from a raft of wedding photographers.

Those who have long-used our digital wedding photo editing service.

And you can be one of them.

We offer an agency-spec full service to wedding photographers looking to subcontract some of their image retouching tasks in a bid to resolve two primary issues. One being to meet deadlines. The other – and as per the gist of this blog – to free up more time. Time to invest in other important areas of their business.

Like attending more weddings, for example. And subsequently taking more photos. And subsequently generating more income. Etc, etc.

And don’t forget. As DT only recently blogged about here, weddings are now allowed again after lockdown restrictions have been revised. Meaning wedding photographers will be inundated with requests for their services as this year pans out.

Get in touch with us today to have an informal chat about how we can collaborate with you. Critically, when you need some work taken off your hands.

At least this way you can claw back some of those negative percentages….

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