Graduation Photo Editing Services Head and Shoulders Above Others

Graduation photo editing services can make huge difference between good images of your special day, and the perfect image.

As the UK’s colleges, universities and seats of academic learning prepare for a brand new intake of students this September, DT looks ahead. Some 3 or 4 years in the future, give or take. To remind you that we offer bespoke graduation photo editing services should your prized pics not turn out quite how you’d envisaged.

That said, you might have recently graduated, or hoping to next summer. You might even be looking back over graduation pics from a few years back and wish to have them digitally remastered for future prosperity. Like the Rolling Stones might an old album.

Who knows.

All DT actually knows is that we receive countless requests from individuals instructing us to revisit and touch up their graduation day images. Because they’ve spotted an element within that they can’t live with/unsee.

Why Graduation Photo Editing Services?

It’s universally regarded as one of the most important milestones of our younger lives. Along with prom night, passing our driving test, turning 18 and being able to cast votes in something other than Saturday night TV talent shows.

So it stands to reason that as an accepted rites of passage event we’d want to photographically commemorate the occasion of graduating from higher education.

After all, graduation day brings your whole family together to collectively acknowledge that all those years of hard work and studying having finally paid off. And to celebrate one of the younger members gaining the qualifications necessary to open the right doors as they start out in their budding careers.

After achieving the A-Level results required to be accepted on the university course of our choosing, things don’t get any bigger. Or for that matter, more celebratory. Than graduating in the subject matter which will, essentially, help launch our professional lives.

You Can’t Rule Out Graduation Photo Slips Ups Though

You just can’t.

With this in mind, there’s no margins for error when it comes to visually capturing our graduation day shots. They mean an awful lot to us. As much in years to come as when they’re originally captured.

Yet photoshoots aren’t exactly immune from sometimes going unintentionally awry. Despite a professional photographer’s best intentions.

Or an enthusiastic friend’s eyebrow-arching over-enthusiasm overshadowing their actual talent behind the lens. Which you only find out at a slightly later stage. At the graduation photoshoot reveal, for example.

It happens.

All manner of photographic situations might present. The majority of which will deflate balloons and silence party poppers.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Visual faux pas’ and unwitting photo-bombing by strangers can be consigned to the cutting room floor. Simply by entrusting graduation photo editing services experts like DT to ‘tidy things’ up in the aftermath of unforeseen hiccups.

Digital Touch can address a wonky mortar board cap or creased ceremonial gown. To instantly restore the air of sophistication you wish to project. And to look back fondly on for the rest of your life.

Graduation photo editing services is one of the many areas of digital image enhancing we have long excelled at offering our clients.

What Does Our Graduation Photo Editing Services Consist Of?

We can provide a whole host of photo retouching services. From background to graduation guest removal. And everything else in-between.

Typically though, our requests fall into one of three categories.

Primarily what DT likes to call the ‘changing background to studio look’ brief. Along with the abovementioned ‘removing folk’ request. Plus, ‘beauty retouching’.

With direct regards to the first. Changing backgrounds to create what we refer to as a ‘studio look’ tends to emenate from those people approaching a graduation photo editing services provider like ourselves to re-jig an existing pic. One where typically the recently graduated individual (who’s the main focus of the shot) didn’t actually make it to the event. Be it for a multitude of reasons.

The upshot being that they now want DT to effectively superimpose them onto a photo of their official graduation day. To appear as though they were in-situ all along.

Con-Graduations! We Can Bring Your Graduation Day Pics More Sunshine Than Morecambe & Wise!

Meanwhile, Mother Nature could well have put the dampeners on your graduation day photos, which now necessitate editing.

Allow us to paint a picture if you will.

Your official graduation day was played out amid a backdrop of relentlessly overcast weather. Inevitably, the resultant pics were devoid of light. For months you lament. Feeling that your one opportunity to bag some fantastic images on campus with your family on your special day, had passed you by.

After all. There’s only so many times we can graduate.

However graduation photo editing background removal techniques are amongst DT‘s noted array of skills. Which means we can re-imagine your graduation as if it had taken place under Azure skies.

Seriously. It’s what we do.

Can We Remove Graduation Guests By Any Chance?

Don’t be scared to ask. There’s no need to whisper. There are occasions in life when we wish to ammend our histories.

A visual gift which just keeps on giving when you’re in the business of offering graduation photo editing services.

Removing guests who crop up in graduation day images is another popular brief we provide solutions for. It’s pretty much as you might suspect, too. Erasing an individual from the photographic keepsake. As directed by our client.

Beauty retouching for graduation photos is also relatively self-explanatory. In as much as we receive numerous requests to digitally enhance the photograph/quality of image from clients who have attending graduation day ceremonies. Be it pictorially improving the overall presentation and/or restructuring elements the client is unhappy with.

Beauty retouching as part of graduation photo editing services being a ‘catch all’ which encapsulates various aspects.

Get in touch today and find out how – and what – we can do to ensure that your graduation day photos remain a timeless conduit to one of the most important days of your life.

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