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Adding/removing people from images
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Wedding photo editing

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Based in the heart of England we are an established full-service photo retouching provider. We’ve spent over 8 years successfully delivering on briefs for both business and personal clients looking to enhance the quality of their all-important images. Companies and individuals seeking a photo editor, UK based, are reaching out to us seeking answers to their photo editing requests.

Subsequently recognised as Trustpilot’s number 1 digital photo retouching solutions experts, we have built a strong reputation by visually capturing what clients see in their mind’s eye when they approach us.

Not only that, but we also offer a fast turnaround of briefs. Coupled with timely and friendly responses at every stage of the process.

Bringing together a wealth of photo editing experience, our passionate image manipulation team is led by Jilly Jackson. Who habitually lends a female perspective to what often borders on sensitive requirements.

Whatever your brief is, we guarantee to fix the photo leaving you impressed with the full digital photo retouching solutions we deliver. One which reflects and continues to underpin our enviable Trustpilot and Google rankings.

‘It’s not just Google Reviews acknowledging the myriad of satisfied customers singing our praises over the past 8 years. We have also generated a significant volume of positive feedback from clients. Many of whom have registering their appreciation with Trustpilot, with regards to the photo editing briefs we’ve fulfilled for them.

And as anyone knows, a business’s reputation can hinge on the power wielded by the impartial people who leave make or break feedback on the ‘go to’ customer reviews website. Reviews which afford would-be customers priceless insights into both the quality of work delivered, together levels of customer service experienced.

Therefore our expansive selection of glowing customer reviews on Trustpilot go a considerable way to prove that we don’t just talk the talk. Digital or otherwise. And that essentially we’ve become a trusted source of satisfaction for everyone’s photo editing needs, be they business or personal.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take our clients and Trustpilot’s……’

    Wedding photo retouching

    Nothing should ever spoil a bride’s big day. And certainly not Mother Nature making a mockery of her hair during the photographs. But then sometimes – and with the best will/photographer in the world – the worst case scenario plays out. And even if that doesn’t, then there’s always the groom’s father and his badly positioned corsage which has slipped beneath the radar.

    Still, thanks to the marvels of modern wedding photo editing services, help is never more than an email away. And we’re always happy to come to a bride’s post-wedding day rescue and help her save face when it comes to sharing those crucial wedding album images …more

    beauty photo retouching

    ‘There’s no denying that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when that image is a cherished one, then detail needs to be at the emotional heart of the composition. Which is precisely where we come in. To ensure that precious photos which authentically captured and defined a passage in your life are subsequently edited in a way that timelessly preserves the very essence of the original snapshot’ …more

    product Photo retouching

    ‘We can help change the way potential new clients look at your business, brand, product or service. Simply by removing unwanted backgrounds, retouching existing images or juxtaposing envisaged layouts. All of which are crucial elements to ensure that your company is projected in the best possible light’ …more

    digital photo restoration

    When we lose people close to us, we often rely heavily on old photographs to transport us back to a time and place when they were still with us. It’s only human. Therefore to be able to restore images which bear the tell-tale signs of aging – including fading, scratches, creases and stains – to former glories can serve as a much-needed pictorial conduit to our pasts.

    We have had the privilege to apply our restorative photo editing skills to countless customer briefs over the years, many of whom have found themselves overwhelmed by the finished piece. As indeed have we, by playing our part in the process …more

    How Do You Make Your Lockdown Wedding Photos Look More Professional?

    How do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional? Ask a digital image editing service provider to step in, that's what you do.

    Here at Digital Touch we’ve recently experienced a significant influx of enquiries by new customers. A high percentage wanting us to answer the following question. Just how do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional?

    The reason behind the surge we’re witnessing in this particular query has no doubt been fuelled by the pandemic. From which nobody can escape the infinite impacts of, for the best part of a year now.

    The upshot being many brides and grooms have been left with little choice other than to keep their wedding guest/party numbers to a minimum. Due to Coronavirus restrictions in place.

    Obviously, something has to be canned in this situation. And that something has largely been the employing of a professional wedding photographer it would seem. If Digital Touch‘s enquiries tell us anything, above and beyond the customer brief.

    Transform your Non-professional Wedding Photos With Our Expert Digital Image Editing Service

    The good news is, our team of digital image retouching experts can make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional in no time at all. Thanks to our many years’ experience in wedding picture enhancing services.

    There’s always a chance it’s going to happen, unfortunately. And with the best will in the world. Digital Touch is of course referring to those unfortunate lapses in wedding photo picture quality. As a direct result of non-professional photographers assuming the official duties normally undertaken by an experienced individual.

    At least, when there isn’t a global pandemic on. Which inevitably leads to lots of things having to give. The ‘give’ in the case of weddings, being professional wedding photographers, it would appear.

    Are We Suggesting That People/Wedding Guests Lacking Experience in Lens-craft Are Standing In?

    Yes. Just that.

    Because during 2020 it was very much a case of ‘when needs must’ in this wedding photo scenario. As we all continued making allowances and quickly adapting to the ever-changing demands of a ‘new normal’. If not for all our futures, then for the time being.

    The world of weddings, like pretty much everything else, hasn’t been immune to significant revisions. A direct result of lockdown T’s & C’s over the past 12 months. The legality of wedding guest numbers have been subject to a number of impromptu revisions during this period. Which meant that sometimes it was difficult to keep up with the official government line.

    Incidentally, for more information about the very latest legislation, scroll down to the bottom of this blog.

    OK. But Explain This. How DO You Make Your Lockdown Wedding Photos Look More Professional?

    We’ll reveal that in a minute. But first, a bit more of the low-down as to why Digital Touch is receiving this unprecedented volume of enquiries. Purtaining to the following question. How do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional?

    And that’s for the simple reason that until January this year – when weddings in England were still allowed to take place, but guest numbers were restricted – some couples (or wedding planners) decided to overlook the role of wedding photographer.

    At least, in official form.

    Instead, opting for alternative arrangements. Which clearly included friends and family doing a bit of multi-tasking on the special day. And assuming lens duties for the betrothed couple.

    You see, this is what happens when people don’t have the luxury of wedding photographers during times of Covid-safe wedding ceremonies. Knee-jerk reactions typically sees others stepping into the breach. The problem is, and with the greatest of respect, those who answer the call. Seldom to they possess the skills that a professional wedding photographer does. Despite their obvious honourable intentions.

    What’s the Solution If The Couple Don’t Like the ‘Unofficial’ Wedding Photos?

    Lack of professional photos doesn’t mean the visual element of your big day won’t stand the test of time though. Because you can trust Digital Touch to visually transform the quality of what’s gone before. Be it any one of a compendium of potential issues regarding wedding photo quality.

    These might include any of the following:

    Wedding guests’ eyes closed

    The above failing to look in the direction of the camera

    Guests having spots, pimples, shaving nicks on the face, or skin colouring/blemish/texture issues they want correcting. This also extends to the removal of wrinkles, having teeth whitened, etc

    Object removal. And yes, it’s not unheard of for that ‘object’ requiring photographic removal being another wedding guests

    Conversely, adding a missing wedding guest to a group shot

    Editing shadows which might have fallen across a wedding guest’s face or clothing

    And then there’s the whole subject of lighting. The pictures could have turned out too dark or too light. The sky was possibly too dull. The background was too busy

    The list of possibilities is endless……

    Likewise, Digital Touch‘s ability to correct whatever the problem is with your lockdown wedding photos is also pretty exhaustive.

    So remember to get in touch today. If you want to learn just how do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional.

    Oh, We Promised You The Current Rules of Engagement Regarding Weddings in the UK, Didn’t We?

    So here they are.

    Right now, as Digital Touch pens this blog, if you reside in England then you can forget about a wedding, as the third national lockdown rolls on. Unless that is the ceremony has been given the green light courtesy of special dispensation. These exceptional circumstances tragically only extend to scenarios where one of the couple is seriously ill. And unlikely to recover, for example. In this instance, up to six people can attend. Not including those working at the event. A reception is not permitted, alas.

    Elsewhere within the home nations, Scots looking to tie the knot anytime soon are allowed to plan their ceremonies. Providing that no more than 5 guests are in attendance. including the couple, witnesses and the officiant. Just as long as the venue’s capacity allows for 2m for social distancing. 6 people are allowed should an interpreter is required.

    In Wales, the story is one of wedding ceremonies being allowed to go ahead in approved venues. The maximum number of attendees effectively determined by building’s capacity. Thus allowing social distancing between households.

    While Northern Ireland‘s take on the rules mean that up to 25 people can attend a ceremony. Although events with more than 15 people require a risk assessment to be carried out beforehand. Plus it goes without saying that face masks must be worn by guests.

    We Don’t Know If You Recalled, But Digital Touch Can Remove Face Masks From Your Wedding Photos

    On which note, a quick reminder that Digital Touch can photographically remove face masks from wedding photos.

    In summary, it’s worth bearing in mind that being a professional wedding photographer is a skill that simply can’t be adopted by just anyone. However, in the event that you find yourself asking how do you make your lockdown wedding photos look more professional, then the answer is this.

    Call the team here at Digital Touch right now, and we’ll put the smile back on your face.