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Based in the heart of England we are an established full-service photo retouching provider. We’ve spent over 8 years successfully delivering on briefs for both business and personal clients looking to enhance the quality of their all-important images. Companies and individuals seeking a photo editor, UK based, are reaching out to us seeking answers to their photo editing requests.

Subsequently recognised as Trustpilot’s number 1 digital photo retouching solutions experts, we have built a strong reputation by visually capturing what clients see in their mind’s eye when they approach us.

Not only that, but we also offer a fast turnaround of briefs. Coupled with timely and friendly responses at every stage of the process.

Bringing together a wealth of photo editing experience, our passionate image manipulation team is led by Jilly Jackson. Who habitually lends a female perspective to what often borders on sensitive requirements.

Whatever your brief is, we guarantee to fix the photo leaving you impressed with the full digital photo retouching solutions we deliver. One which reflects and continues to underpin our enviable Trustpilot and Google rankings.

‘It’s not just Google Reviews acknowledging the myriad of satisfied customers singing our praises over the past 8 years. We have also generated a significant volume of positive feedback from clients. Many of whom have registering their appreciation with Trustpilot, with regards to the photo editing briefs we’ve fulfilled for them.

And as anyone knows, a business’s reputation can hinge on the power wielded by the impartial people who leave make or break feedback on the ‘go to’ customer reviews website. Reviews which afford would-be customers priceless insights into both the quality of work delivered, together levels of customer service experienced.

Therefore our expansive selection of glowing customer reviews on Trustpilot go a considerable way to prove that we don’t just talk the talk. Digital or otherwise. And that essentially we’ve become a trusted source of satisfaction for everyone’s photo editing needs, be they business or personal.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take our clients and Trustpilot’s……’

Wedding photo retouching

Nothing should ever spoil a bride’s big day. And certainly not Mother Nature making a mockery of her hair during the photographs. But then sometimes – and with the best will/photographer in the world – the worst case scenario plays out. And even if that doesn’t, then there’s always the groom’s father and his badly positioned corsage which has slipped beneath the radar.

Still, thanks to the marvels of modern wedding photo editing services, help is never more than an email away. And we’re always happy to come to a bride’s post-wedding day rescue and help her save face when it comes to sharing those crucial wedding album images …more

beauty photo retouching

‘There’s no denying that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when that image is a cherished one, then detail needs to be at the emotional heart of the composition. Which is precisely where we come in. To ensure that precious photos which authentically captured and defined a passage in your life are subsequently edited in a way that timelessly preserves the very essence of the original snapshot’ …more

product Photo retouching

‘We can help change the way potential new clients look at your business, brand, product or service. Simply by removing unwanted backgrounds, retouching existing images or juxtaposing envisaged layouts. All of which are crucial elements to ensure that your company is projected in the best possible light’ …more

digital photo restoration

When we lose people close to us, we often rely heavily on old photographs to transport us back to a time and place when they were still with us. It’s only human. Therefore to be able to restore images which bear the tell-tale signs of aging – including fading, scratches, creases and stains – to former glories can serve as a much-needed pictorial conduit to our pasts.

We have had the privilege to apply our restorative photo editing skills to countless customer briefs over the years, many of whom have found themselves overwhelmed by the finished piece. As indeed have we, by playing our part in the process …more

A – Z of Pandemic-proof Wedding Protocols

Pandemic-proof wedding protocols will need to be observed this summer, as brides and grooms finally receive wedding green light after lockdown.

Like Polaroid cameras, bum bags, neon and flared denim, DT is pleased to report that weddings are back in fashion again this summer (albeit those observing pandemic-proof wedding protocols)! And we’re pretty confident that we’re not the only professional wedding photo editing service that’s cock-a-hoop to learn that the Government has (tentatively) relaxed the lockdown laws which hitherto applied to weddings this spring. Which effectively saw them banned, unless conducted virtually/remotely via the popular Zoom app.

OK. So ‘they’ never really disappeared from the fashion radar. Weddings, that is. Not through choice, anyway. It’s just that Covid-19 put pay to a lot of bride’s best laid plans – and long-held dreams – during the first few months of this somewhat surreal year.

However, as every professional wedding photo editing service knows. You can’t keep a good wedding down for long.

Will New Weddings Be Similar To Old Weddings, In This Post-lockdown Wedding Landscape?

Albeit semi-conventional weddings which are being reintroduced with a few caveats that brides, grooms, their guests and wedding planners are being asked to be particularly mindful of during these continued uncertain times.

You know the main ones. Which we’re all becoming familiar with by now. Respecting social distancing guidelines, wearing a face covering in indoor settings if the people you’re mingling with aren’t from your household/chosen bubble, washing your hands/applying hand-sanitizer as often as possible and always before eating, continuing to shield the most vulnerable in society, etc.

Is Our A – Z of Pandemic-proof Wedding Protocols Not Just a Little Flippant?

We don’t think so.

It’s just a light-hearted reminder of practices which will quickly become the norm while we all do our best to beat the virus one way or another. Plus, you know us Brits love a little dark humour. It’s often our coping mechanism when things are a little challenging or daunting.

Providing all parties concerned strictly adhere to a list of polite demands when attending a wedding for the foreseeable, then the Government will be happy. That’s including everyone from the bride and groom down, for the record.

And just so you don’t forget, DT has compiled this breezy A – Z of Pandemic-Proof Wedding Protocols, to help steer us all in the right direction.

After all, we know a thing or two about weddings ourselves, in the capacity of being a professional wedding photo editing service provider. Although the pandemic-proof wedding protocols will be new to us too….

On which note. In the event that your virus-amended 2020 wedding goes ahead without a hitch, DT can step in should any visual issues unexpectedly crop up belatedly.

What do you mean, what do we mean?

If the wedding photos come back and you’re not entirely smitten with the pics. There could be numerous reasons for this, but the point is we can rectify any accidental wedding day faux pas’ that come to bear at a later date.

Do We Remove Face Masks From Wedding Photos?

Very good question, given all of the preamble above.

The answer is a resounding YES.

DT can remove ANYTHING from your wedding photos. Including dodgy dad dancing AND #ontrend2020 face masks. If you don’t want a constant reminder of that being the year that was.

What we’re also very adept at in the field of professional wedding photo editing services, is bringing people together.

No, not in an emotional sense, alas. But more in a socially-distanced snapshot way.

Essentially DT can realign groups and individuals within a pandemic-proof wedding protocols-observing wedding party. Those who may have been forced to put at least a safe 2 metre distance between themselves and others (as per current Government advice).

Do you mean you could have restructured the composition of Princess Beatrice’s recent royal wedding, if DT had received royal approval?

Hands up all those of you who have seen the slightly awkward wedding pics at Princess Beatrice‘s re-scheduled Windsor Castle ‘do’ recently?

Where her proud grandmother, HRH The Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip were seen complying with social distancing measures outside the royal chapel in the grounds of the royal’s lockdown bolthole.

And standing a good few feet to the bride and groom’s (not so) immediate right.

Well, DT could amend that with relative ease. And nobody would ever be able to tell the difference, such is our professional wedding photo editing service skillset and experience.

Some wedding photographers have already expressed their worries that group photos could be difficult to shoot. With talk even turning to deploying drones so as to safely encompass the entire guest list.

Elsewhere there’s been whispers about creating photo walls. Which might see family groups having a formal wedding photo captured, to be later edited in the form of a collage. To hypothetically create the bigger picture we’ve touched on above.

The A – Z of Pandemic-proof Wedding Protocols….

A – is for Alcoholic Beverage. Don’t fret. Wedding drinks remain completely unaffected. As long as you don’t share a glass of bubbly with anyone as you toast the socially-distancing new couple.

B – is for Being Vigilant. Yup, the above might well serve to accidentally blur reality, like alcohol occasionally does. Therefore getting blotto probably isn’t the best idea if you’re attending a wedding this summer. Just so you remain a respectful distance from everyone and everything.

C – is for Coronavirus. The very thing which has made weddings that little bit more challenging a proposition this year. But we’ll beat it. You watch. Sticking to these rules will play its part in containing the virus too. At the risk of sounding like a Government slogan.

D – is for Damage Limitations. Pretty much taking on-board all the A – Z’s hereabouts will ensure risk of transmission is minimised.

E – is for Exchanging of Rings. Where the exchanging of rings is required for the solemnisation of the marriage (or the formation of the civil partnership), hands should be washed before and after. The rings should also be handled by as few people as possible. The business of rings haven’t been this front page since Golum got in on the act.

From Face Coverings to Hymns. DT Explains the New Wedding Norm

F – is for Face Coverings. Mandatory when indoors and sharing air space with those people who you don’t normally live/share a household bubble with. Same rules extend to wedding guests, as they’re traditionally all found under the same roof. A familiar, place of worship-y one.

G – is for Guests. Limited to 30 as it stands, although subject to change for better or for worse as the pandemic, er, pans out.

H – is for Hymns. Epidemiology experts tell us that under no circumstances must we exhale potentially contaminated oxygen into crowds of unwitting guests. Which could easily happen under typical wedding conditions when we sing at the tops of our collective voices.

I – is for Immunosuppressed. Unfortunately if you’re an individual who experiences reduced efficacy of the immune system as a result of health conditions, then admittedly it’s best you don’t go to any weddings for a little while longer.

For J also read K – ie, we haven’t quite got any A – Z of Pandemic-proof Wedding Protocols for either letter….

Love is Still All Around

L – is for Love. It’s still all around, just like Wet Wet Wet constantly reminded us it was throughout the summer of 1994; whether we cared or not. We just have to remember that so is Covid-19 in the summer of 2020. So therefore need to take all the necessary precautions.

M – is for Mitigating Risks. One point in question being the avoiding face-to-face seating, by arranging chairs in such a way that guests aren’t facing each other. In addition to this, reducing the number of guests in an enclosed space and possibly utilising perspex screens to divide folk up.

N – is for No Excuses. Of which there are none when referring to questioning – or not following – these protocols at weddings. Which have been drawn up to help protect us all.

P – is for PPE. The good news is brides and grooms don’t need to swap their gorgeous wedding outfits for hospital scrubs, visors and the sort of gloves you don’t associate with ball gowns. You can also breathe a sigh of collective relief, as hazmat suits won’t be de rigeur, either. However face coverings are compulsory. Which might make kissing the bride a test, of course.

Q – is for, well, Queue. Mercifully, wedding guests DON’T have to queue to get into the church/registry office, like they do outside of Tesco‘s. Unless that is they rock up at the same time as other guests. In which case social distancing will mean that they’ll have to delay their entering of the building until the other guests have gone ahead.

Even Royal Weddings Don’t Escape Pandemic-proof Protocols

R – is for Royal Weddings. Yup, even posh brides and grooms have to follow the rules we’ve all been asked to obey for the time being. As demonstrated by Princess Beatrice of late, who recently got wed in a very low-key affair – by royal standards – at a chapel within the grounds of her grandparent’s gaff, Windsor Castle.

S – is for Socially Distanced Dancing. Cue the wedding DJ having a selection of appropriate tracks to hand (sanitized, of course) and trying to avoid the typical slowies. Robyn’s ‘Dancing on My Own’, Eric Carmen’s ‘All By Myself’, The Police’s ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’, Hall & Oates ‘Out of Touch’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Behind the Mask’ being just a few DT could politely suggest. According to the powers that be, dancefloors should be marked with tape (or paint) to help people maintain social distancing.

T – is for Throwing the Bouquet. Tragically this tradition might now be frowned upon, not least because the bride will have been nursing it for hours. And could, potentially, harbour Covid-19 if, hypothetically, she was later found to be an asymptomatic carrier.

U – is for Understanding. Understanding that we’re in this together and that together we can stop the spread. Also after much head-scratching we can’t think of a single U.

Wedding Entertainment Might Sound a Whole Lot Different For Foreseeable

V – is for Vaccine. We all still live in the hope that a biological preparation of organisms that provides immunity to a particular infectious disease – in this particular instance, COVID-19 – will be discovered ASAP. As DT writes this blog, there isn’t one.

(V is also for Ventilation. Improving it where possible is a very good idea so as to control the spread of the disease).

W is for Wedding Entertainment. Where required for the marriage or civil partnership, only one individual should be permitted to sing – or chant. The use of plexi-glass (or perspex) screens should be considered to protect individuals, as these transparent barriers which actively seperate potentially virus-carrying wedding guests from one another will prevent transmission. Plus the screen can be easily cleaned.

X – is like Y in terms of any A – Z compendium. You’re always going to be hard-pressed to think of any appropriate examples. Please also see J and K above.

Z – is for Zoom. Yup. If you REALLY don’t want to risk having your wedding in public just yet, then like many couples during the height of lockdown, you could always conduct the ceremony online via this hugely popular virtual platform.

OK. But what are my options, realistically if this is how weddings are going to be like going forward?

Option-wise, you can simply push ahead with your original plans, albeit adapted to take into account these important protocols and adjusted accordingly.

Failing that, going down a scaled-back ceremony and reception route for the time being (micro-weddings, as they’re being touted), and planning a larger party next year to compensate.

This has been coined the ‘sequel wedding’, apparently. Or alternatively, postpone your wedding entirely until next year. Or 2022 to be on the safe side.

It’s your day, your shout. Just stay safe!

Wedding Photo Correction Services Choose Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues

Underground cavern provides incredible wedding backdrop to figure in wedding photo correction services' Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues.

Now that it’s all systems go for weddings here in the UK this summer (courtesy of the government’s continued lockdown-easing measures to ensure that the country tentatively returns to something bordering on normality), DT has seized the opportunity to reveal what we think constitutes a Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues compendium. At least, in the opinion of a wedding photo correction services provider like us.

Nothing official, mind.

Weddings Can Take Place in Most Weird and Wonderful Locations These Days. We should Know, Having Fulfilled Countless Wedding Photo Correction Services Briefs

From barns and beaches to castles and cliff tops, brides and grooms are spoilt for choice when it comes to locating that somewhere ‘a little bit out of the ordinary’ for their wedding day here in the UK. With a wealth of different landscapes and backdrops from which to choose, the number of couples looking to tie the knot in a more memorable venue than the traditional church has increased significantly in recent years.

Where once, previous generations would typically opt for a more religiously-themed wedding (churches and other traditional places of worship being the accepted norm), these days diversity is the heart of decisions from the outset. And as controversial as it might sound, the more religious side of the serious business of marriage doesn’t always represent what it has done in the past.

Together with the underlying fact we live in an Instagram age where surpassing our near neighbours (the Joneses. You’ve heard of them, right?) is arguably more of a priority than the more biblical aspect of vow exchanging in some cases. But certainly not all (caveat added).

Which is absolutely fine, as we fervently believe in the phrase, ‘to each, their own’.

And in this day and age, it’s fair to say that many couples getting hitched have a burning desire to stage their wedding in an environment which is personal to them. As a couple. Essentially, something which they believe reflects both of their personalities or interests. So, should one or the other be heavily into astronomy, let’s say, then the concept of holding their wedding at Jodrell Bank’s observatory might not sound quite as ‘out there’ as it otherwise would.

That said, we’re talking about 2020.

Just HOW surreal is this year to date anyway?! (insert lol emojis here)

High up in the treetops is certainly one example of what qualifies as amongst the Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues, in our book.

Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues Feature Raft of Fascinating Destinations Couples Choose to Stage Their Big Day at

While lavish country piles and ostentatious stately homes have been flinging their doors open to wedding parties for some time now, other would-be locations have been a bit slower on the uptake. Effectively playing catch on – and up – ever since it would appear.

But not any more.

Vineyards, tipis, boats, old crumbling abbeys (amongst other places of historical interest, including temples, haunted castles and random collections of rural stones/acknowledged lay lines), aquariums (and maintaining a more submarinal theme; submarines themselves), windmills, caves (as well as subterranean lakes), space museums, art galleries, treehouses, iconic landmarks and TV studios.

You name it, and pretty much anything and moreover, ANYWHERE goes.

With imagination – and wedding savings funds – being the only limitations to the more ‘outside of the box’ wedding plans DT has heard about/attended in recent times.

Did we mention lakes back there?

OK, subterranean ones.

But back to the other above-surface variety, and we dare say there’s a number of fiancées and/or fiancés who might be hell bent on receiving their nuptals in the very same setting that Mr Darcy emerged (shirtless) from the lake in that most famous scene from one of TV’s greatest period drama moments; ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Although not the ACTUAL lake*.

For others it may be a slightly grittier vista which they’ve dreamed of, ever since watching Thomas Shelby plot the downfall of his Brummie gangland nemesis’ from the horticultured grounds of his secluded country manor.

Literally, anything goes; as well it should.

After all, it’s YOUR big day.

Future Editions of Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues Could Feature Pop-up Wedding Venues

Oh yeah. There’s another alternative too. And even more leftfield.

You’ve all heard of pop-up shops, art galleries, cafes and the like, but we reckon pop-up weddings must be a new one on you. Nevertheless pop-up weddings are very much a thing. And as a ‘thing’ are therefore being seized on by those in a position to organise such seemingly impromptu gatherings. Probably at relatively short notice, when considering the time-is-of-the-essence premise of anything typically hyped as ‘pop-up’.

But more about pop-up weddings another time. In another blog.

Space centres provide out of this world wedding experiences. So much so they've made our Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues shortlist.

For now though, it’s back to our Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues. In our humble estimation, to clarify. The type of unusual locations and decidedly quirky venues DT would elect, if we were you.

1. ‘The Wind(mill) Beneath Your Wings’


Everyone loves a good windmill. From Dusty Miller to Andy Warhol (bet you didn’t know that the acclaimed pop artist was a fan of the four sails, eh?). Place said windmill in close proximity to a beach, and could you have a more idyllic location for your quirky wedding. In short, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Cley Windmill in Norfolk might only cater for 20 guests in terms of ceremonial gatherings (maybe a few less now we’ve got to figure in the applied logistics of social distancing rules), however this bijou alternative to a fusty Norman-era church definately guarantees an intimate surround for all cordially invited. What’s more, bedrooms can be reserved for guests wishing to stay over.

2. ‘Recreate Game of Thrones’


OK. Now castles aren’t necessarily original. Just ask Disney. Or the Beckhams. But they’re still regarded as more novel than a virus and historically retain a sense of grandeur that a church simply can’t measure up to. Architecturally or romantically. If you’re in the market for a gothic revival period castle fringed by woodland, then look no further than Cardiff’s, Castell Coch. Resplendent in its decadent interior decor, the opulant look and feel continues on the exterior; courtesy of its imposing position on the South Wales landscape. Limited to 30 guests, ceremonies take place in the drawing room.

3. ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Almost. As Well as Your Bride/Groom’s Heart’

Subterranean Lakes

Forget all about dreamy spires. Unless that is you’re referring to stalactites. If you’re a fan of underground movements (or the outdoor recreational activity known as pot-holing) and planning on tying the knot any time soon, then Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall needs to be on your sonar. ‘The Underground Lake’ is one of four unique wedding destinations offered by the aforementioned Liskeard-based company. An ascent of 60 steps into the bowels of a cave, ultimately leads to the emergence of a crystal clear blue/green lake set in a candle-lit rock chamber. Licensed to accomodate 35 guests, the bride might have to recruit all her stamina given the aisle is some 80 metres in length.

4. ‘Love Transcends Everything. Including Great Heights’


Some of us never stop playing out. It must be the legacy of growing up during the 70s. No need to roll up your flared denim dungarees and shin up any ancient oak trees here though. Recognized as the largest tree top building of its kind in Europe, the Alnwick Garden Treehouse wedding venue in Northumberland stands head and shoulders above the competition. And not merely due to its physical presence. Imagine a fairytale scenario on your wedding day which as well as incorporating up to 85 wedding guests, also provides a backdrop of intertwining branches, greenery, twinkly lights, rope walkways, private decking and log fires. And you’ve more or less described this unique UK wedding venue.

5. ‘Not Found on Ocean Drive. Yet Ideal for Families’


Similar to a decent windmill, there’s something you can’t ignore about being confronted by a lighthouse. What you lose in sails, you always make up for with lumins, while these brightest and tallest of cylindrical outposts tend to exist amid a stunning vista. Neither Glamorgan’s Nash Point Lighthouse, nor Whitley Bay’s St. Mary’s Lighthouse fail to deliver on this front, with the former still being a working fixture and fitting. Yet the latter edges it for the wow factor, on account it being perched on its own rocky outcrop. With only a tidal-revealing causeway linking it to the mainland. Think about that. Just who could resist getting married in a lighthouse on a tiny island.

6. ‘Finding Love; and Possibly Nemo’


Right, let’s casually get the elephant in the room dispensed with early doors. Unfortunately you can’t actually get wed at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. But you CAN invite upto 130 reception guests to the spectacular backdrop that is the popular sea life centre’s Eddystone Reef exhibit. Which lends itself perfectly to a 20,000 leagues under the sea type ‘do’. If that doesn’t necessarily float your Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues boat, then perhaps London Zoo and a selection of safari parks will.

7. ‘Your Wedding Has Blast Off!’

Space Centres

Elon Musk might still be light years away from whisking us all into orbit for our holidays/future weddings, so in the meantime if you’re looking to scratch your sci-fi-themed wedding itch, then Leicester’s impressive National Space Centre could fire your imagination in the meantime. Home to an enviable collection of space memorabilia and intergalactic artefacts, newlyweds experiencing the aptly-named Rocket Tower can elect to take their first dance beneath the stars in the UK’s largest planetarium if they so desired. Picture the wedding photo opportunities….

8. ‘Capturing the Perfect Romantic Composition’

Art Galleries

In scenes reminiscent of The Last Supper, brides and grooms earmarking somewhere that little bit out of the ordinary to get hitched could do a lot worse than the Dulwich Picture Gallery. A LOT worse. Especially when you learn that this London gallery houses a collection of Rembrandts, Gainsboroughs and Canaletto, while the Soane Gallery‘s walls play host to over 300 old masters’ compositional works. Incidentally, The Last Supper reference stems from the fact that 120 wedding guests can dine at one long table, stretching the entire length of the wedding room.

9. ‘When Altar Wine Just Isn’t Enough’


For many wedding guests from the bride and groom down, the considered partaking of alcohol is part and parcel of the big day. With champagne doing the rounds from the moment you rock up at the reception, why wait till then to sample the wares, as it were. Hence why tipple afficianados amongst soon-to-be-wed couples might be interested to learn that they can have their wedding service conducted in an actual brewery. The Pheasantry Brewery in Nottinghamshire describes itself as ‘intimate and beautiful’ in terms of an alternative wedding location, location, location. Alongside of our favourite word in this blog; ‘unique’.

There's a lot wedding photo correction services could do to digitally enhance this image. Short of replastering the walls of this Top 10 Unique UK Wedding Venues example.

….and finally (brace yourselves)….

10. ‘As Alice Concurred; All the Best People Are!’


Yup. We said that. An asylum, singular in this instance. Located in South East London, this former asylum served as a place of worship before that. Before being bombed out and later reinvented as an asylum. Today Asylum Chapel‘s ‘unrestored charm’ affords it the opportunity to stand out as one of the most unique UK wedding venues we’ve ever encountered. One of the biggest USP’s of this venue – according to those couples who have gotten spliced there – is the searing light. Be it summer or winter, DT has it on good authority that this Urbex-spec characterful wedding destination benefits from the ‘most amazing directional light from windows at one end’. Admittedly, not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but you can’t deny that it’s niche.

Here’s the rub though.

Irrespective of where you’ve chosen to host your big day, wedding photos don’t always tell the full story. Nor occassionally ‘do the day’ the pictorial justice it so richly deserves.

Nobody’s fault; it just is what it is sometimes.

We know only too well that despite the best intentions and wills in the world, there’s the slim chance that your wedding pics will give you cause for concern once you’re privy to the finished articles. No blame game apportioned here. Merely down to a series of events or set of cirumcumstances that nobody could have predicated beforehand.

Basically, life just happens. Even on this day of all days.

But don’t lose heart.

In the unfortunate event that your beautiful photos don’t turn out quite how you’d anticipated, know that DT specialises in wedding photo correction services.

Regardless of where you elect to stage your biggest of big days, rest assured DT can iron out any unplanned wedding photo quality creases which materialise thereafter. Discreetly removing, adding or ammending any element of images which have left you feeling a little deflated.

It’s all part of the increasingly popular wedding photo correction services we offer. Having being past masters in the (digital) art of visually rectifying wedding photos since 2008.

*Lyme Park, Cheshire, as it happened

New Study Reveals Why Wedding Photographer’s Should Collaborate With A Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding photographers spend just 4% of their work time capturing pictures of brides and grooms, according to latest industry study. Enlisting digital wedding photo editing service can reverse this trend.

Digital wedding photo editing service shocked with upshot of recent industry survey. Which lifts lid on fact wedding photographers spend just 4% of work time capturing wedding pics. While photo editing own work accounts for staggering 55% of each job.

Look at it this way.

If you’re a zookeeper, it’s safe to assume that you spend the majority of your time feeding animals such as penguins. Maybe cleaning up after them too, but mostly feeding them and being bowled over by their cuteness.

Same rule applies if you told your school careers advisor you wanted to be a professional footballer when you grew up. And lo and behold; you aspired to become one. Resulting in you spending most of your time kicking a ball around a pitch while receiving the adoration of a full stadium. Only significantly less full during a global pandemic, of course.

Enlisting Help of Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service Will Free Up More Time for Wedding Photographers To Be Behind the Lens, Rather Than the Laptop Screen

So why then, if your dream job is that of a wedding photographer, would you chose to spend more than half of your time sat behind your laptop getting to grips/religiously familiarising yourself with the nuances of specialist software packages (ie, Photoshop)?

As expertly facilitated 24/7 by digital wedding photo editing service professionals (ie, DT).

As opposed to being out in the field capturing brides and grooms in their wedding finery. Although not always fulfilling your brief at rural weddings, for the record.

Jilly’s work is very impressive and great quality. She listens carefully and produces for you what you want , If you need help with digital work as a professional photographer, contact Jilly.

Rick Dell, Rick Dell Photography

Yet it’s precisely this that UK-based wedding photographers spend a shocking amount of their career doing, according to a recent study which has just been published. The findings of which stress that 55% of each wedding photographer’s individual gig is typically reserved for the editing of those pics thereafter.

Admittedly down from the 2019 figures (77%). Yet still confirmation of a nonsensical proportion of time dedicated to what should only be factored in as a small representation of a wedding photographer’s business model.

But these stats get worse….

Upon further scrutiny, research shows that a staggering 96% of a wedding photographer’s time is taken up with pretty much anything other than capturing stunning pics of the bride and groom on their biggest of big days.

Digital wedding photo editing service can work in collaboration with wedding photographers to ensure they free up more photoshoot time.

Digital Wedding Photo Editing Service Can Reverse These Eye-opening Stats, Ensuring Wedding Photographers Have Better Photo-capturing-to-Image-Retouching Trade-off

Which begs the following question. With a mere 4% of their time allocated to the actual taking of wedding photos, what in the name of all things holy is your typical wedding photographer doing the rest of the time?

Well, firstly there’s the small matter of completing on-going business and associated administration tasks. Which can amount to 18% of a wedding photographer’s time.

Also, don’t forget there’s the systematic culling of wedding photos to take care of. You know, the ones which failed to turn out quite how they (or more importantly, the bride and groom) imagined. And end up on the cutting room/studio floor. That can be time-consuming, apparently; accounting for close to 11% of a wedding photographer’s time.

Meanwhile you need to let would-be customers know that you’re out there if you’re a wedding photographer. Self-promotion and general communication (be it via social media or more traditional means of marketing) is imperative.

7% of your time as a wedding photographer can be meaningfully dedicated/lost to this necessary evil.

However the biggest distraction by a country mile is wedding photo editing. Where evidence compiled by suggests that a whopping 14 hours on average is set aside for digitally retouching each wedding.


A task a digital wedding photo editing service could have signed off in half that time, we should coco. In the capacity of a digital wedding photo editing services provider with two decades experience in the wedding image retouching sector.

Who Said What?

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. A swipe-free website that introduces impending brides and grooms to professional wedding photographers.

It’s these guys who have exposed the truth about just how much time wedding photographer’s spend on image retouching. As part of their fourth annual wedding photographer survey. Where they pieced together collective feedback gleamed from over 300 professional wedding photographers based here in the UK.

Therefore the next biggest question which DT finds itself asking, is this.

Working with a digital wedding photo editing service can benefit professional wedding photographers, as latest survey reveals 55% of each job is spent image retouching.

Just WHY do wedding photographers self-edit their own work, when digital wedding photo editing service professionals like us exist?

Surely farming your wedding image manipulation requirements out to us makes more sense than to hunker down in front of your laptop. Especially for such long periods of time?

And even more pertinantly; as we all emerge from actual lockdown.

It’s not as though we haven’t got some serious levels of experience in this subject matter. Given the aforementioned two decades DT has been retouching wedding pics. Essentially providing photo-retouched solutions for a mixture of briefs. Either sent directly from brides and grooms (looking to us to rescue their dream shots) or indeed, from a raft of wedding photographers.

Those who have long-used our digital wedding photo editing service.

And you can be one of them.

We offer an agency-spec full service to wedding photographers looking to subcontract some of their image retouching tasks in a bid to resolve two primary issues. One being to meet deadlines. The other – and as per the gist of this blog – to free up more time. Time to invest in other important areas of their business.

Like attending more weddings, for example. And subsequently taking more photos. And subsequently generating more income. Etc, etc.

And don’t forget. As DT only recently blogged about here, weddings are now allowed again after lockdown restrictions have been revised. Meaning wedding photographers will be inundated with requests for their services as this year pans out.

Get in touch with us today to have an informal chat about how we can collaborate with you. Critically, when you need some work taken off your hands.

At least this way you can claw back some of those negative percentages….

Weddings Return This Summer, As Wedding Photo Editing Might In Future Focus More on Face Mask Removal Requests

Bride and groom share kiss whilst wearing face masks, as post-Covid-19 wedding day landscape might offer new wedding photo editing opportunities.
“You may now kiss the bride. Theoretically-speaking….”

From Gretna Green to Las Vegas (and everything slightly more orthodox in-between), wedding plans covering all degrees of personal taste have taken something of a hit in 2020 thus far. The ripple effect has reached the world of wedding photo editing too, as one of our main lines of enquiry at this time of year tends to be desperation calls from brides briefing DT about how they want us to digitally retouch their precious wedding pics.

As the global Covid-19 pandemic systematically put the brakes on bride and grooms’ best intentions, rumours suggested that next year was already shaping up to be the unofficial ‘Year of the Wedding’. Courtesy of this year’s deferred nupitals; coupled that is with the ones already long-pencilled in for 2021.

The findings of a recent study reports that a whopping 64% of weddings globally have been put on hold (either cancelled or postponed), with the industry set to shoulder an estimated £87.5 billion loss in revenue. From a UK perspective, that equates to close to 64,000 weddings having been disrupted.

For the record, approximately 250,000 weddings take place here annually. Which subsequently generate a staggering £10 billion sum for the economy, if you’re a fan of wedding-related stats as much as DT.

Wedding photo editing services take a moment to reflect on the ramifications of postponed weddings….

Of course, should the wedding sector begin to regroup and turn its attentions to making preparations for an envisaged bumper year for knot-tying get togethers in 2021, even a frantic and fop-haired mid-1990s Hugh Grant (et posh al) would struggle to attend all the engagements that might potentially be playing out across the UK. To compensate for what until recently looked like a catastrophic wedding embargo this year.

And if and when weddings eventually do make what would be a hugely popular comeback here in the UK (especially with wedding photo editing being a vested interest of DT’s), will PPE-conforming wedding attire be the ‘look’ of future ceremonies?

Very good question.

As when weddings do return to their ‘new’ normals, many recognizable elements aren’t going to be that recognizable. Wedding day dress codes for example are probably going to look a little different. A little less conventional, let’s say. As brides and grooms come to terms with stylising their wedding wardrobes with various forms of Coronavirus-shielding PPE. Rather than male guests simply being reminded to match their corsages with the bride’s shoes.

Don’t forget the implementation of social distancing measures at weddings too….

Yup. Social distancing would play additional havoc with the hitherto traditionally awkward ‘mingling’ we’re all supposed to actively embrace at weddings; despite the fact our only tangible connection to either party is tenuous and normally involves knowing the neighbour of someone who once babysat the bride. Or something equally as contrived. Still, a wedding invite is a wedding invite, as Richard Curtis would excitedly concur.

Bride and groom exchange vows, yet kissing may be put on hold in post-lockdown era face mask-wearing wedding ceremonies. Wedding photo editing companies relish retouching possibilities.
Raising a topical glass/bottle to news that weddings in England have been given go-ahead, post-lockdown

BUT WAIT! What’s this DT hears?

STOP PRESS! – Brilliant news!

Weddings are set to make a shock comeback this summer. And we’re all invited. Well, not all of us, obviously. But a maximum of 30 at last count. 28, if you include the bride and groom, which is kinda traditional.

In an address to the House of Commons covering various aspects of continued lockdown-easing being introduced in July, Boris Johnson has just announced that wedding ceremonies in England will be able to resume as of the 4th. The only caveat being the number of attendees would be limited to 30 for the time being. And that social distancing would have to be enforced. Although 1 metre is the new 2 metres, apparently.

Hurrah! Three cheers for Boris, hang out the bunting, etc!

Steady on. You haven’t heard all the news yet.

As we all know, weddings are big business for all concerned. They also tend to work out quite expensive too. On average a UK wedding costs just over £27,000. While British couples are said to fork out somewhere in the region of £1,200 on the dress and a ball-park figure of around £2k on the wedding ring. Sorry, but DT loves a good stat or three as we mentioned earlier….

Financial outlay aside, weddings also typically attract a sizeable number of guests. As well as other people present on the big day to fulfil additional duties. Which explains why in this new era of social distancing, weddings have understandably been put on hold until late. Until the curve had been flattened.

Oh, and another thing.

Brides-to-be will be relieved to learn that their wedding day hair will be as imagined, and far less Flintstones than it might otherwise have been if hairdressing salons hadn’t also got the nod to re-open at the beginning of next month. However, as we all know the Lord taketh as much as he giveth sometimes. Or BoJo does, in this instance. So brides-to-be will have to forgo their pre-wedding manicures and pedicures, given that nail and beauty salons will remain firmly shut until further notice, as DT writes.

Don’t fret though, as wedding photo editing can save your day. We’re always on hand to touch-up any wedding photos afterwards. So there’s no reason we couldn’t amend your nails in key pics if that’s what you wanted. Perhaps add that to the list, along with face mask removals.

More of which beneath (no, not them!)….

Bride and groom tie the knot during California fires, early in 2020. Seen wearing face masks, prior to Coronavirus outbreak.
Who remembers earlier this year when this couple stole a march on face mask weddings, as a counter to Californian fires raging all around? Seems like a very long time ago now, doesn’t it?

Is this now the calm before the summer wedding storm then?

It could well be.

This time of year is usually a very busy one for DT. With the wedding season in full swing from Spring onwards, by the height of summer we’re receiving a lot of enquiries from brides, anxious for us to ‘rescue’ their wedding shots. For a variety of reasons. Editing guests in (and removing them where deemed necessary) being populist requests which fill our email inbox. Wedding photo editing is arguably our number one request. Certainly DT’s favourite.

However things have been somewhat quiet on that front to date.

Yet now we’re anticipating a flurry of communication in the coming weeks and months, as brides and grooms are finally given the green light to celebrate their big day. Let’s just hope the great British summer weather received the memo too.

How Might 2020 Weddings Look Then?

As we’ve already summised; virtually unrecognizable in some respects. For a quiet start that familiar refrain of ‘you can now kiss the bride’ might pose a bit of a logistical challenge should both the bride and groom have chosen to don bridalwear colour scheme-co-ordinating face masks so as to protect more vulnerable guests.

But hey.

PPE might become the de rigeur wedding look for 2020/21, with some couples going ‘all out’ to up the decorative/creative ante. You must have seen the aftermarket collections of avante garde face masks available today (and championed by who else, but celebs), where pretty much any design goes. As it should.

However for all those traditionalists/puritans out there, the wearing of face masks won’t be anything to smile about. Not least, because nobody can make out quite what expression people are wearing beneath their go-to PPE. Even people with other features which often give the game away.

But fear not, as DT has the perfect solution. And the ideal way to get your wedding day plans back on track. Yes, you’re staring the answer right in the face. What else but the power of wedding photo editing.

Our bag.

'I do' wedding face masks, as fashioned by bride and groom. Set to be commonplace sight at British weddings in the summer of 2020. meaning wedding photo editing companies could offer mask removal service.
They both do. It says so on their wedding face masks….

‘Remove Face Masks From Wedding Photos’

We can pretty much visually amend/recreate any photographed image you want. And we’re bracing ourselves for a tidal wave of bride and grooms pleading with us to ‘remove face masks from wedding photos’. And if that specific search engine query doesn’t start trending this summer, we’ll eat our best wedding hat.

Seriously though. We’d love to digitally photo retouch any wedding pics which you’re not happy with. Pandemic associated or not. It’s what we do, and have been doing successfully for years.

We’re pre-empting a surge of brides (and/or grooms) getting in touch with us asking if we can make face masks vanish. Literally. Well, photographically. Which of course we can, and would be very happy to do for you.

Conversely however, while dedicated wedding traditionalists will beat a path to DT’s wedding photo editing door, imploring us to Photoshop masks out left, right and centre, on the flip side of the Covid-19 coin, other folk will choose to have fun and work within the parameters of the restrictions. Preferring instead to capture a visual artifact of such historical importance. For future prosperity, like some sort of Blue Peter garden-buried time capsule.

From a photographical perspective DT can customise your wedding day face masks after the event, if you would like. We know that some of you might wish to have fun with these unavoidable signs of the current times. We can print words on face masks, change the colour, superimpose a unique design across it. Infinite possibilities only ever limited by imaginations.

Newly-wed couple celebrate their wedding day, while wearing humorous Covid-secure face masks.
Putting a brave/smiley face on their new summer 2020 British wedding day attire…

DT Will Save Your Wedding Day Photos

There’s no doubt here at DT we’re set to play a pivotal role in the new wedding landscape. Post-production stages anyway. Where we’re looking forward to witnessing just how the wedding landscape pans out in the coming months.

Rest assured we’ll be on hand as always to resolve any and all wedding photo editing niggles, queries or SOS’s.

So do, please, give DT a shout for ALL your wedding photo editing requirements as everyone learns to embrace the new norm.

Image Editing Photoshop Artists Reimagine Political Heavyweights in Famous Paintings

Donald Trump illustratively depicted as a boy in a pink dress, original painting in 1840.

Now, before we go any further, don’t fret. DT has no intention whatsoever of going all ‘political’ on you. We’ll leave that to the raft of other blogs and concentrate on doing our own unashamedly digital photo retouching thang during lockdown. As any image editing Photoshop artists would.

We’re also well aware that some politicians aren’t exactly who you might refer to as flavour of the month of late. Naming no names, but un-elected advisors who enjoy Spring walks in County Durham, for example.

But none of this explains why peoples’ lockdown dreams/nightmares have teetered on the surreal.

And why DT might, hypothetically-speaking have momentarily imagined how Narcicist-in-Chief, Donald Trump would look cast as the compositional lead in Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’. Although more the collective emotional reaction of the planet every time Big Don opens his mouth to address America, truth be told.

Or for that matter fleetingly visualised our very own Bumbling BoJo as one of Dali’s melting clocks.

Or perhaps transiently seen the Supreme Cheesemeister, Kim Jong-Un as a Pre-Raphaelite cherub in a Bourne-Jones stained glass window, in the mind’s eye.

Everyone's favourite Kim, portrayed as Magritte's 1964 surrealist masterpiece, 'The Son of Man'.

Surely not we’re the only image editing Photoshop artists who have witnessed these images flash before us?

Hasn’t pretty much EVERYONE else during these challenging times, experienced one inexplicably peculiar dream sequence or another?

The sort of which would make ‘Twin Peaks’ iconic scenes appear tame by comparison.

Politicians. Zzzzzzz….

Politicans have been thrust on the world stage like never before, their electorates looking to them for leadership and direction. Not to mention a steady flow of witty memes at the very least. While nations attempt to plot their ways through and out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vladimir receives Van Gogh treatment, as politicians reimagined by image editing Photoshop artists.

Photoshopped Images of World Leaders Offer Visual Distraction From Pandemic

However some of these vivid imaginations (and visual machinations) of our almost delirious lockdown minds have actually been captured by equally adept image editing Photoshop artists of late, it would appear.

OK. Well, maybe not OUR strange mental images of world leaders reinvented as famous works of contemporary art. Slightly toned down versions, let’s say.

Not only imagined, but illustratively brought to life by talented Photoshop practitioners with a keen sense of humour put to entertaining use.

Who Are These People Of Whom We Speak?

A number of creatively-inspired contributors and co-collaborators have answered the call of Australian-based design-influenced crowdsourcing platform, (the aptly-named) Design Crowd. Who asked users and fans of the portal to come up with Photoshopped interpretations of what certain politicians might look like if they were the original artist’s muses. The original artists who created instantly recognisable masterpieces, to clarify.

Yup. Brace Yourself for Trump-tastical Photoshopped Works of Art

Design Crowd are no strangers to putting similar questions out there as a means of encouraging image editing Photoshop artists to get their creative juices flowing. And lockdown has provided much with more, in terms of an increasingly fertile global political landscape.

Admittedly, a last sentence that image editing Photoshop artists like DT never believed they would utter, pre-society restructuring. Yet needs must, etc, etc….

Prior to this, Design Crowd has invited both professional and amateur Photoshoppers to devise digitised imagery on all manner of eclectic topics. From animals imagined in Renaissance-era compositions through to cartoon characters comedically juxtaposed with historically-acknowledged oil painted heavyweights.

Clever Photoshopping ensures that the very likeness of murdered French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat is recreated by the presence of former UK PM, David Cameron.

To 2020 though.

And this new theme is one which nobody on the planet can escape right now. No, not Coronavirus. Something more opinion-polarising than that.


Loathe them or hate them, some of the most well-known have been graphically transformed into a collection of Photoshop-primed portraits for our delictation. The results of which lurch from haplessly hilarious to downright frightening. From speechless to borderline slanderous. From controversial to….yeah, you get it.

That said, BoJo seems to have got off the hook…..

Balance-of-sorts is restored however, as there’s a fair few Trump memes-in-the-making.

Enjoy and remember to #staysafe.

And don’t forget; politicians are for life (or full terms, anyway). Not just Christmas. Alas.

Worst Coronavirus Fake News Images

Donald Trump - Someone who knows what it's like to be on receiving end of fake news images.

Photo retouching services lift lid on Coronavirus fake news images spreading faster than the pandemic itself.

Fake news, eh.

One of the most bandied around buzzwords of recent years. One which transcends sectors, industries, societies and indeed, generations. You might be forgiven for believing that there’s been more fake news images circulating than real, tangible news for the past couple of years. You wouldn’t be necessarily wrong, either.

Increasing numbers of questionnable ‘media outlets’ have busied themselves. Peddling all manner of what appeared to be seemingly fake headlines under closer scrutiny. And not so close examination, in some of the more laughable cases. Even the established and redoubtable broadcasting services have fallen victim to fake news images pitched in the midst of hoax stories.

An Epidemic of Coronavirus Fake News Images and Misinformation

From the throw-away, light-hearted and harmless through to the potentially more damaging and intentionally dangerous examples of the newly-adopted genre. Everyone has been privy to at least one count of fake news images. Including the highest office on the planet, that of the White House itself.

Which has made the topic hot of late, with ‘fake news’ being amongst President Trump‘s most favourite of phrases. Typically espoused when he’s defending one of his more curious monologues which leave the perma-puzzled in his wake. And frequented even more than the host of superlatives he insists on firing left, right and centre.

Although, conversely Trump himself often appears to propogate his own fake news stories with consumate ease. Look no further than his recent bold statements suggesting American citizens can best protect themselves from the coronavirus simply by injecting disinfectant into their bodies. That’s when he wasn’t claiming that irradiating patients’ bodies with UV light would also do the trick (insert LOL emoji here).

Lockdown Sees Upsurge in Coronavirus Fake News Images

Speaking of which, during these unprecedented times we have all witnessed a tsunami of Coronavirus fake news images being given copious amounts of airtime, as a pandemic of biblical proportions has swept the globe and impacted on all our lives to varying extents. Existing to further unnerve the already anxious with unfounded claims and fabricated statistics. Which serve only to spread even more fear during these uncertain times.

Preying on those who have no means of questioning (or challenging) the often scurrilous headlines, the fake news being widely distributed in seconds by social media outlets, has highlighted the on-going issue. And it’s not merely ambiguous words which are continuing to plant seeds in people’s heads. But a slew of Coronavirus fake news images too.

Coronavirus Fake News Images Have Gained Further Traction as Panic Spreads

Words themselves don’t paint the full picture. Whether they are genuine or not. And images have been equally doctored as the #trending fake news stories have continued to gain yet more colourful traction in our social conscience of late. The omnipresence of fake images to accompany – or be free-standing – of fake news stories has gathered much momentum. Seeping ever more into the sphere of the ‘new’ normal. The pre-lockdown ‘new’ normal, that is. The much-heralded post-lockdown ‘new normal’ will doubtless conjure up yet more intriguing variations on a mostly nefarious fake news images theme.

It’s as though society’s appetite for what can often be blatantly insincere news edits has perpetuated the culture for the inescapably unreal. As much via the visual as the written word itself.

As Jesus Jones Once Asked; Are These Coronavirus Fake News Images Real, Real, Real?

Only minus the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.

And the ‘Coronavirus fake news images’ bit bolted onto the end for effect.

Deciphering the unbelievable soundbites and farcical rhetoric based on groundless hearsay (at best), or grandiose hyperbole (at worst) printed in the written word is a challenge. Yet some of the fake news images doing the rounds are a little less difficult to spot.

At least for us pros. Those of us equipped with an inherant knack for sifting through and extracting the chaff from the wheat.

Often it’s only photo retouching services providers who can distill what’s not quite what it appears at first or second glance. Steeped as we are in weeding out fakery. But then it’s not always that easy for us to determine.

Is Fake News Images Not Old Fake News Images?

Of course, fake news images are nothing new. They’ve cropped up (if you’ll pardon the pun) in one shape or another for years. Or rather, since the rise in popularity of social photography. Along with the onset of more media outlets which seem to solely exist for clickbait purposes. The type which brazenly exclaim; ‘Can You Believe That So-and-so (insert your own vacuous celebrity name HERE) Has Done Such-and-Such (insert wholly unbelievable claim HERE)?!’

To capture your attentions/hoodwink you into clicking on the breaking ‘news’ story.

The phenomena – if you want to refer to it as that – has been driven both by the preponderance of images available online. Together with the ease with which said fake news images can be manipulated by devious types with access to Photoshop. Although access alone doesn’t lead to proficiency. Or even entry-level understanding of the basic elements according to some of the more blatantly awful examples of fake news images doing the rounds.

The problem is it’s all too easy to plant the seeds of outright lies in the minds of the often easily fooled. At least, compared to how it was in a pre-internet/Photoshop landscape.

Cast your mind back to the 1950s, and the nefariously-intent fake imagery merchants had only scissors, paste and patience to fall back on to create fictitious collages in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting.

Indeed, one such famous fake news image of the day depicted a certain US Senator, Millard Tydings. Whose very likeness was awkwardly superimposed next to the American Communist Party’s, Earl Browder. Much to his consternation thereafter.

You’ve Been Framed!

Maintaining a US politician vibe, who recalls the subsequent furore when Photoshop helped John Kerry ‘appear’ (for all intents and digital photo editing purposes) to be attending an anti-Vietnam War Rally with Jane Fonda? Admittedly not that many. Or more recently, the sitting President, Trump’s parents dressed in Ku Klux Klan garb?? Yup, with Photoshop the protagonist once more.

But of course, it’s not like Photoshop has gone all rogue of its own accord.

Behind all good/bad fake news images created by the planet’s go-to software package legitimately favoured by photo retouching services the world over, it’s a given that there’s a devious individual (or clandestine operation) at work behind the (photo-manipulated) scenes.

Impromptu Coronavirus Fake News Images Quiz

Truth is, many of us tend to get caught out by fake news images. Although we’re always too embarassed to concede that we’ve so easily sucumbed to such dubious means of blatant clickbait. But in our defence(s), some of the fake news images are less obvious than others. So we can be excused for being caught off guard. Some of the most trained eyes in the business might be hard-pressed to differentiate between what’s visually believable and what turns out to be the visual equivalent of the telling of porkies.

So, and without further ado, welcome to DT’s innaugral ‘Spot the Fake News Images Pic Just-for-fun During Lockdown Competition’. Where DT invites YOU to play along at home by trying to determine just which Coronavirus fake news images are real.

And which aren’t.

As in, which are fake. And which are genuine. The answers are at the bottom of the blog but please; no scrolling down. Remember, you’re only cheating yourself.

IMAGE 1 – Tango’d Trump

President Trump's Tango'd tanlines obviously a fake news story.

Right. We’ll start you with an easy one involving man of the moment. The Supreme Leader of the Tango’d Republic of The US of A himself; President Trump. Who appears to have overdone the old fake tanning products. At least, if this particular snapshot is to be believed. Your thoughts on this?

IMAGE 2 – (Lockdown) Life’s a Beach….

How NOT to social distance. American beachgoers in Jacksonville demonstrate disregard for lockdown rules.

Remaining on an American fake news images theme, and we turn our attentions to establishing the truth about the Jacksonville beach furore. Which purported to show the flouting of Covid-19 rules with regards to social distancing during the current global pandemic. Pictures of beach-goers flagrantly disregarding the measures put into place by the US government to try and limit the spread of the disease were widely circulated in recent weeks. But is this another case of fake news images being cynically peddled right now. Or the real deal? We’ll let you decide….

IMAGE 3 – Rower in Social Distancing Row

James Cracknell superimposed CLOSER to his father, as British tabloid falsely suggests former Olympic rower has broken social distancing rules. Typical  example of Coronavirus fake news images.

Here’s an interesting one found a little closer to familiar shores. The curious case of a former Olympic rower (and reluctant BBC Strictly Come Dancing competitor), James Cracknell visiting his parent’s home during imposed lockdown. Question is this. Are we glancing at fake news images or not? We’ll let you decide.

IMAGE 4 – Pulling 5Gs

Protesters in Hong Kong dismantling CCTV-added street lamp over security worries. NOT anything to do with 5G furore, falsely linked to Covid-19. Therefore Coronavirus fake news images.

This is a still from a video claiming to show angry Chinese citizens tearing down a 5G mobile antenna. Which was distributed on social media (including the account belonging to Hollywood’s Woody Harrelson) and generated thousands of views. This image has got to be real, no?

IMAGE 5 – Bottoms Up

Madagascan president championing 'miracle' cure for Coronavirus. Herbal drink with no clinically-known means of curing disease.

When the leader of a country tells you something that might sound preposterous to you normally yet kinda sounds vaguely viable during these strange times, you could be tempted to believe it. Unless that leader’s name begins with ‘Donald’ and ends in ‘Trump’. However a herbal-based miracle ‘cure’ presented in a bottle? As championed by Madagascar’s man-at-the-top? That’s probably all that it’s cracked up to be. Isn’t it?

IMAGE 6 – Art Imitating Life

Street art in Frankfurt in 2014. NOT a macabre scene of COVID-19 victims in Italy during 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Startling example of Coronavirus fake news images circulating during these times.

This particular – and somewhat distasteful – image did the rounds of WhatsApp recently. Inferring that the photo depicts the bodies of coronavirus victims who had sucumbed to the disease on the streets of Italy. Yet in reality it could just as likely be a case of deliberate fake news images attempting to stir up mass hysteria. Your thoughts on this far more serious picture?

IMAGE 7 – Reality Down the Swanney

Swans and dolphins enjoying lockdown life, but NOT as the media would have you believe. In terms of geographical bearings.

And finally – returning to a less sombre image – are we to believe that nature is reclaiming its rightful territories during lockdown or not? I mean, it sounds wholly plausible. Not least because grass is growing back through the cobbles on our street and Welsh towns are being overrun by inquisitive goats and sheep running amok. But swans and dolphins taking to the canals of Venice? Really? Is this actually a thing?


Image 1 – FAKE!

Yup, even the dark overlord himself isn’t THAT heavy-handed with the fake tanning products. So the epitome of fakeness in this rare, collector’s edition instance, is the ‘enhanced’ photo itself.

Image 2 – REAL!

Sadly people on this particular American beach resort weren’t following Coronavirus-triggered social distancing protocols. And freely mingling with each other when they really oughta not have been. Therefore a lesser-spotted item of non-fake news imagery.

Image 3 – FAKE!

Photos of James Cracknell mindfully social distancing himself in the garden were cynically doctored by past-masters of deceit, The Daily Mail. So as to paint the former Olympic rowing gold medallist as flouting the current rules surrounding social distancing and shielding of the more vulnerable members of society.

Image 4 – FAKE!

The image is genuine as such, however the story not so. This old picture actually shows protesters in Hong Kong in August 2019. Who were attempting to remove what was reported to be a ‘smart lamppost’ equipped to collect data. More piffle and poppycock, basically, to allude to something else entirely and perpetuate a sense of social unrest.

Image 5 – FAKE!

The herbal tonic given the offical presidential nod of approval by Madagascar’s Andry Rajoelina turned out to be a bit of a bum-steer, so to speak. This so-called ‘preventative remedy’ (as claimed by said president) is a herbal tonic sold under the name, Covid-Organics. Derived from artemisia – a plant which contains an ingredient used to treat malaria – tests implied the bottled drink had cured two people living on the island nation. However no peer-reviewed research or actual evidence existed to authenticate this claim.

Image 6 – FAKE!

In the event, a blatant fake news image aimed to scaremonger. Reality being that this image was lifted from a contemporary art project which took place in Germany in 2014. Which involved participants taking part in a real-time art installation requiring them to lie down in a pedestrian zone in Frankfurt. this was in rememberance of the 528 victims of the Katzbach Nazi concentration camp atrocities.

Image 7 -FAKE!

More codswallop engineered to fool those of us who wanted to believe that the animal kingdom are making the planet their own once more. The truth is the swans are regular visitors to the canals of Burano. A small island in the Greater Venice metropolitan area, where the photos were actually taken. ‘Venetian’ dolphins – also captured on social media around the same time – were filmed at a port in Sardinia hundreds of miles away.