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Digital image editing company UK, specialising in professional image retouching for product, wedding, beauty, restorative and background removal briefs.

Based in the heart of England we are an established full-service photo retouching provider. We’ve spent over 8 years successfully delivering on briefs for both business and personal clients looking to enhance the quality of their all-important images. Companies and individuals seeking a photo editor, UK based, are reaching out to us seeking answers to their photo editing requests.

Subsequently recognised as Trustpilot’s number 1 digital photo retouching solutions experts, we have built a strong reputation by visually capturing what clients see in their mind’s eye when they approach us.

Not only that, but we also offer a fast turnaround of briefs. Coupled with timely and friendly responses at every stage of the process.

Bringing together a wealth of photo editing experience, our passionate image manipulation team is led by Jilly Jackson. Who habitually lends a female perspective to what often borders on sensitive requirements.

Whatever your brief is, we guarantee to fix the photo leaving you impressed with the full digital retouching solutions we deliver. One which reflects and continues to underpin our proud Trustpilot and Google rankings.

‘It’s not just Google Reviews acknowledging the myriad of satisfied customers singing our praises over the past 8 years. We have also generated a significant volume of positive feedback from clients. Many of whom have registering their appreciation with Trustpilot, with regards to the photo editing briefs we’ve fulfilled for them.

And as anyone knows, a business’s reputation can hinge on the power wielded by the impartial people who leave make or break feedback on the ‘go to’ customer reviews website. Reviews which afford would-be customers priceless insights into both the quality of work delivered, together levels of customer service experienced.

Therefore our expansive selection of glowing customer reviews on Trustpilot go a considerable way to prove that we don’t just talk the talk. Digital or otherwise. And that essentially we’ve become a trusted source of satisfaction for everyone’s photo editing needs, be they business or personal.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take our clients and Trustpilot’s……’

    Wedding photo retouching

    Nothing should ever spoil a bride’s big day. And certainly not Mother Nature making a mockery of her hair during the photographs. But then sometimes – and with the best will/photographer in the world – the worst case scenario plays out. And even if that doesn’t, then there’s always the groom’s father and his badly positioned corsage which has slipped beneath the radar.

    Still, thanks to the marvels of modern wedding photo editing services, help is never more than an email away. And we’re always happy to come to a bride’s post-wedding day rescue and help her save face when it comes to sharing those crucial wedding album images …more

    beauty photo retouching

    ‘There’s no denying that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when that image is a cherished one, then detail needs to be at the emotional heart of the composition. Which is precisely where we come in. To ensure that precious photos which authentically captured and defined a passage in your life are subsequently edited in a way that timelessly preserves the very essence of the original snapshot’ …more

    product Photo retouching

    ‘We can help change the way potential new clients look at your business, brand, product or service. Simply by removing unwanted backgrounds, retouching existing images or juxtaposing envisaged layouts. All of which are crucial elements to ensure that your company is projected in the best possible light’ …more

    digital photo restoration

    When we lose people close to us, we often rely heavily on old photographs to transport us back to a time and place when they were still with us. It’s only human. Therefore to be able to restore images which bear the tell-tale signs of aging – including fading, scratches, creases and stains – to former glories can serve as a much-needed pictorial conduit to our pasts.

    We have had the privilege to apply our restorative photo editing skills to countless customer briefs over the years, many of whom have found themselves overwhelmed by the finished piece. As indeed have we, by playing our part in the process …more

    In Too Deepfake: Digital Image Editing That Skews Our Sense of Reality

    Tom Cruise subject of deepfake digital image editing example to demonstrate how AI can impact video production.

    Digital Touch is in the business of ensuring that real photos of real people (or objects/products/etc) look picture perfect for our clients. We apply a range of the very latest image editing techniques and practices to successfully deliver the visual quality that our clients request. Be it wedding photo editing, product photo editing, beauty photo editing, family photo editing or photo restoration. Yet it couldn’t be further removed from deepfake digital image editing.

    And here’s where we explain why….

    SEO principles notwithstanding, did you know that there are other creatives operating in alternative visual mediums who are seemingly reinventing images entirely. Or rather, twisting the reality of what otherwise appears to be an authentic image. A moving one, in this case.

    Our Eyes DO Deceive Us

    It’s startling what pictorial effects photorealism can achieve. As demonstrated by some incredible contemporary artists out there, to which we doth our visually respectful hat.

    But that’s one thing. What we’re about to explain, is another (worrying) one altogether.  

    Another graphic medium – video, to clarify – is creating quite the photorealistic stir of late.

    You may not be familiar with the term, ‘deepfake’ just yet, but you soon will be. For further evidence, take a look at TikTok.

    Viral videos themselves are nothing new. However, those that seemingly feature someone who viewers believe to be someone it isn’t, is a somewhat concerning development. As well as a slightly tricky sentence to get your head around.

    Don’t worry. We’ll explain everything.

    When is Tom Cruise NOT Tom Cruise? Less Shakespeare, More a Sort of Rhetorical Poser

    Let’s get one thing perfectly straight here.

    Hollywood icon, Tom Cruise is certainly no stranger to controversy.

    Think sofa-bouncing exploits on Oprah’s chat show couch.
    His recent/latest ‘entertaining’ movie set rant at socially un-distancing production crew. And that whole Scientology thing he’s got going on there.

    Yet this latest spectacle turns out to have nothing to do with the ageless Cruise. Yet everything to do with fakery.

    Whoa! Wait a Minute. What’s Tom Cruise NOT Being Doing Now??

    Not sure how you feel about being confronted with imagery which sets out to challenge our powers of visual understanding in ways they’ve never been tested before? Us neither.

    Hoodwinked into believing what we’re watching is the real deal, deepfake digital image editing experts are teasing us with what effects can be possible, by the way in which AI technology can manipulate video production.

    Which, when adopted by the right hands and used for good, is an incredibly powerful and evocative tool to have at society’s disposal. Yet like most amazing things, can take on a whole different (read, potentially sinister) context when used in less salubrious ways.

    So, Just What Deepfake Digital Image Editing Do We See Before Us Here?

    The more pertinent question is what don’t we see before us. The simple answer to that, being Tom Cruise playing golf. Despite all our senses of perception telling us otherwise/arguing the toss.

    Enlisting AI tech and recruiting a doppelganger as a stand in for the star of the Mission Impossible franchises, the TikTok video’s creator own personal mission possible was to raise awareness of this rapidly emerging trend.

    His reasons being twofold.

    While on the one hand, Christopher Ume enthuses about the almost infinite creative possibilities of deepfakes, on the other he’s made the Cruise video as a note of caution for the not-so-distant future. A timely reminder that we could be sailing perilously close to the ethical winds.

    Ume foresees an impending time when such a flawless series of deepfake imagery could be readily available as a Snapchat filter.

    Usurping the current need for powerful software, a talented digital editing professional and an inventive impersonator to bring about the same end product.

    And with it, the passing of laws to ensure responsibility and accountability, ideally.  

    To Paraphrase Queen, Is it Real Life, or Just Fantasy?

    A deepfake is, in essence, an AI-generated video clip that facilitates various techniques to fashion scenarios that have never happened in the real world. You remember the real world, don’t you? The one outside our windows and four walls where we once were legally allowed to play out. Despite the surreal presence of the ‘Black Mirror’ episode we all starred in, entitled ‘2020’.  

    Anyway, ‘DeepTomCruise’ is the video realisation of a collaboration between the abovementioned Belgian visual effects artist, Ume and assured Cruise impersonator, Miles Fisher.

    Which pertains to show Tom practicing his golf swing, messing around with a hat and generally being a bit Cruise-y and unpredictable while recording a TikTok video. Allegedly.

    Only it’s Fisher masquerading as Mr Top Gun himself, courtesy of AI.

    Not that Ume wasn’t completely transparent about the nature of the video from the get go. However, this openness didn’t stop wild speculations flooding the internet, via TikTok. The video-sharing platform where it was first dropped.

    The furore caused by the universal circulation of this seemingly harmless and amusing viral video clip, has once more brought into question populist views, opinions and fears regarding ethics, legality, trust and numerous other key issues which we all need to work through going forward.

    Digital Touch Keep Photo Editing Real. Realer Than Real. Jesus Jones Levels of Real

    …and breathe.

    Back in the real world, Digital Touch are here to keep all things photo image related, er, real. 100% authentic and 100% the ‘actual’ people in the photos. Well, apart from the ones you want removing, of course. Or the background you want altering for numerous reasons and/or commercial purposes.

    Whatever your wish is Digital Touch’s professional command.

    Just don’t ask us to deepfake any video imagery, as it’s not our bag.