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It’s 2019.

We rely on them to give us an honest heads up and appraisal of something (and everything) we’re considering watching, eating, driving, wearing, listening to, playing with (from a gadget perspective) experiencing, holidaying at and ultimately spending our ‘hard earned’ on.

And the world of digital photo retouching services is no different.

We could tell you literally anything to intonate that we’re the best image editors out there. Which of course we are. As we’re certainly not in the business of being economic with the truth. But what evidence do you have to support these potentially spurrilious claims?

Jilly Provides a Most Excellent and Outstanding Service

The restoration work undertaken on several photographs which I have emailed has been absolutely astonishing. The attention to detail is second to none.

Communication is of a very high standard indeed. Jilly keeps you informed of how long the work will take and let’s you see the work before you buy.

The prices are also very reasonable for this specialist work. I cannot recommend this service enough!

Michael Fairs, client review via Trust Pilot

Well, you have the (many) words of respected, authorative, industry relevant review sites; that’s what/who.

But more than that. You have the priceless, trusted feedback from customers who have used and benefitted from that particular brand, service or product.

Or in the case of digital photo retouching services; us.

And then, crucially, proceeded to take the time and trouble to leave said reviews on these all-important customer review websites. Such as Trustpilot and Google, to name but two of the sector leaders.

Digital Photo Retouching Services Reviews Speak Volumes

Good reviews and client recommendations are like gold dust these days. Customers don’t exactly hold back when they’ve received a quality of service which meets with their approval. Or exceeds their expectations. Or to put it more succinctly. Blows them away and/or the competition clean out of the water.

Amazing Bride and Bridesmaid Image!

I went to Jilly to create an image of myself and my sister from my wedding. The photographer didn’t get one single image (be it a bad or good one) of us together throughout the whole day.

This really saddened myself and my sister especially.

Jilly and her team have created the most lovely image that we will all treasure forever! Thank you so much!!

I will definitely be recommending Jilly and her team. Jilly was extremely polite and patient throughout our contact, with swift replies to all my emails. Thank you Jilly! X

Charmaine Gray, client review via Trust Pilot

Conversely, should a service provider fail to impress a client, due to a shoddy standard of craftsmanship, lacklustre customer relations and/or lines of communications leaving a lot to be desired, then rest assured, spleens will be subsequently vented. And deservedly so.

Accountability has never been such big business as it is today. And in this age when we’re only ever a click of a mouse (or swipe of a touchscreen surface) away from being critiqued, judged or shamed in the public arena, then it’s imperative that those companies who promise clients the world, actually follow through on that promise. Rather than simply talking a good game and ultimately falling some way short of delivering the goods.

Look at it this way.

If you’re planning on settling in on a Saturday evening to watch a movie, the chances are that you’ve arrived at your viewing decision that night courtesy of perusing a film review website. Primarily to determine just what others thought of the movie; and therein whether or not you consider said film a suitably entertaining way to spend the next few hours of your much-anticipated down time.

Same rule of thumb generally tends to apply should we be discussing which restuarant we’re going to go to for a meal out. Or if we’re intending to flash a little more significant cash. On a holiday or new car, let’s say. In more recent times we readily reach for our internet-primed hand-held devices and type in the names of the world’s leading review websites as a force of habit. And so we all should.

So why wouldn’t you approach the topic of digital photo retouching services without the same degree of research? Specifically when choosing which company you’ll contact with reference to the wedding shots you desperately wish to visually rectify? You know. The ones with the lighting you were never really happy about and have since decided to have image corrected.

Or which online image manipulation experts you’ll get in touch with when enquiring about the potential restoration of a family photo? Perhaps you just want to enhance part of your own body. Maybe remove someone else’s from an existing composition. It might well be someone from that aforementioned wedding picture?

It’s entirely up to you, but the bottom line is we should all be keen to research brands, products and services before signing up to anything. And the ideal starting point in that process is reading reviews. Written by customers who have already used/have first hand experience of these brands, products and services. People who will be telling ‘it’ as ‘it’ very much is. Having nothing to lose or gain from not speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Great Service!

With a JPEG of our beloved cat with a very intrusive background which we wanted to remove, it was edited out very sympathetically.

We now have a great picture to print.

Thoroughly recommend Jilly and her team.

Paul, client review via Trust Pilot

But What About Social Media ‘Likes?’ Don’t They Count for Something?

Of course they do. Who DOESN’T like a great big virtual thumbs up, emoji smile and/or (Twitter and Instagram-derived) heart?? Oh, and the Holy Grail of all things social media acceptance/savvy. Namely the Facebook ‘share’ and Twitter ‘retweet’. And whatever that thing is they do on LinkedIn these days to ‘big up’ a business.

However these can be very transient and functional forms of acknowledgement which we can often do when we’re horizontal and not fully vertical, if you get our drift. Whereas taking time out to think of, engineer and pen an actual customer review takes recognition to a whole different level. Although please; never stop ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ what we do/say. Because that’s important to us in numerous other ways.

So, What We’re Trying to Say is That We Cut the Digital Photo Retouching Services Mustard, Right?

Yes, essentially. And not to put too finer point on it.

As we’ve worked mighty hard to build an enviable reputation based almost entirely on the quality of service we afford our clients from the beginning of their customer journey with us.

But then it would be easy for us to wax lyrical about how good we are at what we do** as and when we feel. Plus we have the platform* on which to say and do pretty much what we want within the governance of Google protocols, procedures and practices. Both of which you could think would leave us virtually unchallenged in the highly unlikely** event that our customers might ever feel short-changed by the standard of image enhancing service we’ve afforded them. Which would NEVER happen, for the record.

But you’d be wrong. Very wrong.

Because of the very existence of Trustpilot and Google Reviews et al.

Unbiased, all-consuming customer-powered review sites which leave companies who give their customers suspect service absolutely nowhere to hide. No shadows in which to skulk. As they shouldn’t and justifiably so.

However on the flip side, the consumer-championing likes of Trustpilot and Google Reviews (other review sites are available in the interests of fairness, etc) routinely flag up the good guys. The businesses which bring their A game. Day in, day out. To hashtag live (and work) their best (company) life; if you (social media) like.

Fantastic Job!!

I really needed help with one of my boyfriend’s military photos. It was a fantastic image, but was spoiled by the fact that one of his shoulder cords was out of place, as it had come loose whilst marching.

For this reason he didn’t want to use the photo which was such a shame!!

Digital Touch was able to save it for me by editing it to put it back in the right place. I was a little sceptical as to how it would look, but in all honesty, if I hadn’t been the one requesting it to be edited, I wouldn’t have known!

Really great job, and I’m glad he now has something he can publish and show his mates. Thank you so much!

Bethany Roberts, client review via Google Reviews

Did We Mention We’re Trustpilot’s Number 1 Digital Photo Retouching Services Business Based on Customer Reviews Alone?


DT is habitually recognised by our amazing customers as one of the good guys in our sector. A digital photo retouching service which treats customers how we’d expect to be treated ourselves if the tables were turned. With courtesy, speedy responses, great lines of communication, sensitivity, confidentiality, consummate professionalism and above all else; the human touch. Not solely the digital one.

Which we kinda guess reflects why we’re consistently ranked by the go-to consumer review websites as the Number One digital photo retouching service out there (points to the above sub-heading). And will continue to be so, by way of delivering an unrivalled image manipulation service. Knocking our rivals who can’t follow through on promised levels of service, out of the park. Especially those which aren’t UK-based and fail to grasp the quality of digitally-enhanced craftsmanship rightfully demanded by customers. Online image enhancing businesses located much farther afield which can’t cash the cheques which their slickly (yet misleadingly) designed websites write. We all know the sort (we all collectively sigh and sagely nod).

But anyway.

If in any remaining doubt about our credentials, then be sure to check out what our customers are saying about us HERE.

As well as HERE, HERE and not forgetting, HERE too.

** digital photo retouching, to reiterate for Google

*** this blog/website

**** NEVER. Not happening. NOT on our watch

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