Leading Digital Wedding Photo Retouching Services Provider Reveals Most Common Wedding Photo Fail

Important family members missing from key pics capturewd on bride and groom's special day, amongst most common wedding photo fail.

As a digital wedding photo retouching services provider, we’re often asked as to what we believe are the worst possible scenarios involving wedding photos? Well, if not ‘worst’, then most prevalently neglectful, let’s say.

We’d imagine if the question of the ‘worst’ was put to the general public. In a ‘Family Fortunes-esque in a survey to determine just what percentage of the general public said?’ kinda way. In which event all – or some – of the following classic faux pas’ would be worth a few points on the board. So to speak.

Sudden gust of wind billowing up bride’s dress

Accidental/unforeseen photobombing by third parties

Clearly innebriated guests caught off-guard wearing haplesss expressions

The mother of the groom – not so secretely – looking daggers drawn at the mother of the bride (or vice versa)

Comprehensive/comical/tragic over-exposure of the bride/groom’s money shot

Melted/collapsed wedding cakes

The list of possibilities is pretty infinite. Once you’ve discarded these more traditional examples.

You’re Not Talking About ‘Blatantly’ Bad Shots in Desperate Need of Digital Wedding Photo Retouching Services, Are You?

No. We’re not referring to premeditated works of bad wedding photography. The staged likes of which are more prominent in other parts of the world. Russia, for example. Where wedding pics tend to look more ‘stylised’, for want of a better word. A better word being, ‘contrived’. Some of which end up being so bad that they’re actually good. Ish.

Or at least should be marked highly for originality of composition. Less so for believability factor. Critically when you witness the bride and groom re-imagined as mythical creatures. Lifted straight from the pages of a work of literary fiction.

Think ‘Game of Thrones’. However not quite as visually polished. Courtesy of a more limited digital wedding photo retouching services budget.

Type the words ‘worst wedding photos ever’ into any popular search engine. Go on. The chances are you’ll discover page after page of contenders in this category.

Leading Digital Wedding Photo Retouching Service Reveals Most Recurrent Wedding Photo Fail

But we’re not here to focus on deliberately fantastical/opinion-polarising wedding photos in this blog. Instead we’re keeping things real. And reveal what is, arguably, the most repeated reason why we’re approached by clients. Mostly desperate to rescue their best wedding shots.

And that is (drum roll optional)…….wedding photographers who forget to add a family member in the key pictures on the big day.

And trust us. This is definately ‘a thing’. And if you weren’t aware of ‘it’ being a thing, remember you heard it here first.

What Do You Mean, They ‘Forget to Add a Family Member?’

We know. It does sound a little strange.

Yet neglecting to recall the bride’s precise instructions to ensure that Uncle So-and-so or Auntie Whatsherface are included on the periphery of an all-important family shot are never isolated incidents in digital wedding photo retouching services circles. We can assure you.

Indeed. If we had a pound for every time we were approached by a client anxious for us to belatedly superimpose the likeness of the aforementioned extended family absentees onto an existing picture, etc, etc.

The etc, etc in this case translating as we could subsequently afford to plan our early retirement.

Of course, when we refer to absentee family members not so much fading into the background of an all-important wedding photo as not being seemingly present full stop, we know what you’re thinking. Your mind is probably flitting to that iconic photo of Marty McFly‘s ever-diminishing siblings from ‘Back to the Future’. And the fading memories brought about by a re-imagined foreseeable.

Be assured, the scenario we’re talking about is a lot less dramatic. Yet still a massive deal for brides and grooms. Especially if confronted with a supermassive hole where in-laws were physically stood on the special day.

It’s An Easy Mistake To Make

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight, before we go any further.

We’re not in the business of calling out wedding photographers.

Far from it. We count many among our closest professional/creative colleagues and have historically collaborated with a host of them. And they also have a habit of getting in touch with us. In the rare instances when they might have unintentionally forgotten to juxtapose a much-loved someone from the wedding party in close viccinity to the bride and groom.

But accidents happen. And often, in the cut and thrust of a wedding day. That being said, failing to pictorially acknowledge the presence of any of the following guests is an oversight which is largely forgiven. Once the damage has been reversed by the endeavours of a digital wedding photo retouching service. Who’ll magically save everyone’s blushes by getting their ‘creative’ on and plundering Photoshop.

Shortly after receiving a bride and/or wedding photographer’s SOS.

Wedding between the lines, Marty McFly's fade-away photo resembles wedding photos with misisng family members.

Is It really Such a Big Deal at the End of the Day?

Er, hello?!

We can only assume that you’ve not been a bride or groom any time recently. Also don’t ever talk like that in the company of either party. Particularly those who remain in the throes of explaining to the unexpected absentees in the wedding photos just why they didn’t make the final cut. And trying to reassure them that it’s merely a technical glitch in the process of being rectified.

You see, the bottom line is this.

Everyone knows that photos play a huge part in any wedding day. After all (the wedding cake has been consumed and the party poppers and discarded bride’s bouquet brushed up), they stand as the one tangible thing that remains from the big day.

Therefore it goes without saying that people quickly become fairly emotional about the wedding album. And perfect pictures are the cherry on top of the (possibly slumped) cake. Something which can be visually referred to at any family gathering thereafter. And any/every family gathering thereafter until the next Ice Age.

So, What Do We Do To Pacify All Parties When Confronted With Wedding Photos Sans Important Guests of The Bride and/or Groom?

We do everything within our powers to create a virtually seamless image. One that not even the most professional of wedding photographers would believe had ever been enhanced. Such is the degree of attention to detailing. Essentially, clients will never see a join.

Nor think for one minute that said errant wedding guests (in terms of resultant photos in the aftermath, NOT on the actual day itself) didn’t appear in the original photo. Such is our unswerving dedication to correcting the issue which has been giving; A) the bride/groom or B) the embrassed wedding photographer sleepless nights ever since the truth was outted.

Think of us as a digital wedding photo retouching services fairy. The ostensibly (good) Witch of the West from ‘The Wizard of Oz‘. She who sprinkles magic dust from her wand. Prior to transposing the ruby slippers hitherto worn by her recently house-flattened evil sister onto the feet of Dorothy. Yup. We’re as useful and miracle-working as that. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the munchkins hadn’t penned a little ditty celebrating Digital Touch.

Anyway, where were we? (DT‘s resident blog writer slowly comes round after receiving a knock to his head whilst caught in a storm).

That’s right. Telling you that in our experience, wedding photographers forgetting to add a family member in wedding photos is the most recurrent wedding photo fail. And thus unsurprisingly accounts as one of our most common client enquiries. Fact.

So, with this in mind, you know what to do. If/when you’re horrified to discover that poor Uncle Buck or Aunt Sally have been unwittingly overlooked in your show-stopping wedding pics. And you need to rectify this glaring visual omission before they visit next to see the wedding album.

And that’s to get in touch with us!

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