Incredible Wedding Photo Retouching Services Sees Late Fiance Appear in Bride’s Wedding Shots

Wedding photo retoucher imagines late fiance in bride's wedding photos

Wedding photo retouching services have the power to transform the way a bride looks. Not just that. But equally how they feel on their most important day. That much we do know here at Digital Touch. Where we ourselves are well versed in the art of applying digital techiques to the way in which we execute wedding photo enhanced briefs. And have long ensured brides receive the shots they envisaged from the outset. Especially when question marks hang over the original photographic captures. Which ultimately leads concerned brides to us.

Honestly Amazed With The Work Carried Out!

I spoke to a few Photoshop artists, and none would go near the work due to the complexity of it. But Jilly from Digital Touch took it on, and did a perfect job.

It was a wedding photo, so needed to be perfect; and she definitely delivered and quick!

Will definitely use again .

Nilz G, client review via Google Reviews

Yet every once in a while, additional poignancy – and indeed, heartbreak – propels the craft of image editing into an entirely new stratopshere of human emotion. Episodes of which make the very nature of our digital wedding image retouching business all the more worthwhile. Not to mention, spiritually uplifting and rewarding from our perspective.

We work in an age where we’re often instructed to interchange different skies into the backdrops of wedding photos. Or alter the shadows and light in a picture. Perhaps remove (or conversely add) people from/to exisiting images. Providing wedding photo retouching services, we can truly relate to being gifted the visual opportunity to instil our practices for something even more meaningful. And way beyond the realms of our normal level of requests.

Realising One Brides’ Wedding Dream, Digital Photo Retoucher Makes The Impossible, Possible

As every bride will tell you, their wedding is the biggest day of their lives. Births, notwithstanding. Little else matters in the lead-up to what is, arguably amongst the most memorable gathering of family and friends in our lifetime. Let’s be honest. Everything else is pretty much put on hold as the date looms large.

That being said, unavoidable stresses and strains – together with various trials and tribulations – are par for the wedding course. Despite the best will (and forward planning) in the world. No matter how focused – and possibly blinkered – a bride is, as her special day approaches certain things still have the potential to go awry.

However all of the above pales into insignificance should fate deal the cruelest of blows to your scheduled nuptials.

Which is the scenario which tragically played out for one woman who, like many, was busy preparing for the day she’d dreamed about since she was a girl.

Visually Reuniting Bride With Her Recently Departed Fiance, Wedding Photo Manipulator Touches Hearts

Faced with the unthinkable, this bride-to-be had her world turned upside down when months before she was due to tie the knot, her fiance was killed in a motorbike accident. Understandably the woman was devastated by this shocking turn of events. Left reeling and seemingly unable to pick up the pieces in the immediate aftermath of this unprecedented loss.

Despite this, and during the passage of time which elapsed, something very precious emerged from something so horrific. Something which allowed the grieving bride to observe how both she and her fiance would have looked on their wedding day, if fate hadn’t dealt such a catastrophic blow.

Thanks to the undeniable power of wedding photo retouching technology, the would-be groom’s memory was digitally kept alive. Coupled of course, with the raw talents of an experienced wedding image editing professional.

Said prodigiously skilled and detail-orientated individual possessed the creative tenacity and emotive werewithawl to photographically wed the beautiful bride with her late fiance. And illustratively work with the tools at their disposal. In tandem with the priceless photos the bride supplied them with.

When Wedding Photo Retouching Creates Even Greater Miracles for a Bride

The resultant wedding photoshoot took place in the Arizona desert. With the bride choosing her long-standing actual wedding day in which to share the stunning shots. Unsurprisingly coverage of this tear-jerking occasion went viral soon after. Subsequently touching the hearts of a global audience.

Such is the reach of the internet.

Proudly – and bravely – the bride wore the gorgeous wedding dress she’d planned to all along.

For their part, the wedding photo retoucher digitally manipulated images of the bride’s late fiance into the intensely moving pictures, post-shoot. Superimposed into the carefully choreographed wedding shots, each photo sought to capture the almost transparent groom lovingly enveloping his bride-to-be.

Restoring an aesthetic which otherwise might never have been pictorially manifest, this incredible example of digital wedding photo retouching underlines just how far our sector has come. Just a few decades earlier, the image enhancing possibility to create this lasting impression simply wouldn’t have existed.

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