Appreciating Women Isn’t Just a March Celebration

The celebrating of women this March, as International Women's Day and Mother's Day highlight the vitality, courage and assertion of the fairer sex.

March is a month where women are rightly celebrated. More especially around the second week annually. A time and a (anywhere) place neatly bookended by the presence of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Admittedly, the latter might be something of a commercial affair in more recent years. Giving rise to what some might concur is a cynical industry. Constructed on novelty values and praying on the marketing-coerced choices of sons and daughters. Rather than a more authentic and heartfelt acknowledgement of our maternal figures as originally inspired. A statement which we fear is virtually impossible to argue against.

Nevertheless, all this jocular materialism can be forgiven. And conversely, should always be encouraged. As Mother’s Day remains the perfect excuse – if one was ever needed – to thrust thoughtful gifts, saccharine-versed greetings cards and praise heaped high in the direction of our beloved mams. Not to mention to serve those who may sometimes require a gentle nudge and timely reminder as to our eternal debt to women the world over.

An International Women’s Day World of Contrasts

With regards to latter; namely International Women’s Day, the ethos couldn’t be any more different. If, theoretically-speaking, Mother’s Day was sponsored by Paperchase. Then International Women’s Day comes to you in association with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Well, hypothetically and by stark contrast, it might.

Soft centre-ments are traditionally symbolic of a marketing-hijacked Mothering Sunday. While hard-won rights and an imperious fortitude are synonymous with International Women’s Day. Yet each are dedicated to those who make us. And without whom none of us would be here today.

Everyone’s Voices Should Be Heard

Ever since March the 8th 1977, this day has been set aside as a global holiday to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. Although its actual heritage has long been a point of conjecture. The strongest counter claim being issued by the Socialist Party of America in New York City. Who in 1909 organized an unofficial ‘Women’s Day’.

Which itself inspired German delegates at the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference to propose what it referred to as an annual, “special Women’s Day” the following year.

Irrespective of its founding mothers, International Women’s Day was always destined to be more about its future and its legacy. As a crucial focal point within the women’s rights movement, from the very outset it was a day which was dedicated to fundamental principles.

Seeking to draw attention to hugely important issues. Those surrounding gender equality, reproductive rights and violence against women. Whenever and wherever it manifests.

From Eve Onwards….

The fact of the matter is both dates co-exist in the calendar. And are unequivocally committed to rejoicing at the unique role women play in all of our lives. Magnanimously embracing the impact women have. Along with the tireless, selfless contribution they have made, historically. And continue to make in all our futures.

From Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie and Emmeline Pankhurst. To Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Grace Hopper and Greta Thunberg. Not forgetting millions of other unsung heroines. Women have always and continue to dramatically shape the world we recognize today.

We capture the essence of womanhood in every snapshot of our everyday lives. Our mothers, obviously. Our wives, our sisters, our aunties, our girlfriends. It goes without saying. Our female work colleagues, female sports club members.

The resolute, diplomatic – yet sympathetic – woman who presides over a country’s political stance. The equally strong, engaging and sensitive woman who drives us to work on the bus in the morning.

They walk amongst us. You walk amongst us. We walk amongst us.

A Tale of Two March Dates

Mother’s Day is upon us once again. But forget about flowers, chocolates or Michael Buble’s latest CD. (Digital Touch adopts their best Spice Girls voices) Because we’ll tell you what your mum really, really wants this Mothering Sunday. And that’s simple recognition for what they do for us the other 364 days a year.

When chocolatiers and those upload-your-own-time-faded-photos-of-your-mum-on-holiday-in-Skegness-in-1989-to-a-website-and-they’ll-create-you-a-suspect-quality-novelty-Mother’s-Day-card, er, Mother’s Day cards manufacturers aren’t hammering home their blatantly commercial messages. And pricking a collective national conscience which should never, ever need pricking.

As a female-founded and run digital photo editing services provider, Digital Touch take a great deal of pride in supporting women in all their endeavours. However and wherever we can. We would therefore like to extend our deep admiration, respect and gratitude to women across the UK and the world over this March.

As they continue to inspire us all – current and future generations – in everything they think, feel, say, act upon, pursue, achieve and ultimately believe in.

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